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Stories of abortions taking place at 7 weeks of pregnancy

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I had an abortion and hate my life & most importantly myself

Today is December 11th 2011, and I had an abortion on December 8th.I don't really know what to do or say other than I hate my life and most importantly I hate myself.I'm 28 years old and I have a ... Read more

I was ready to go back to work and opted for a medical abortion

I'm 28, have 2 boys age 11 and 4, and I've been with my husband for 12 years.4 weeks ago I started to feel quite ill, really sick and dizzy which I put down to a 24 hour bug, but when it didn't I ... Read more

I read so many horror stories when googling 'medical abortion'

Medical abortion. Not such a horror story! My experience with medical abortion was a positive one. I read so many horror stories when googling the term 'medical abortion', I set myself up for out ... Read more

I had a medical abortion at 7+2 weeks: I was absolutely terrified

I had a medical abortion yesterday at 7+2 weeks. To be honest, prior to going in for the procedure, I was absolutely terrified, especially as no one apart from me even had the foggiest that I was 2 ... Read more

We didn't ever want a baby so my pregnancy was a total shock

I never wanted a babyI wanted to write this to give my experience of a medical abortion at 7 weeks. I am 38, been with my partner for 15 years and we simply did not and have never wanted a a ... Read more

After much prayer & agony abortion seemed my only option

My family has been plagued by teen pregnancy, abortion, children conceived out of wedlock and other issues for generations now. My mother's parents (my grandparents) were abusive. My mother became a ... Read more

A failed medical abortion at 7 weeks requiring a D&C

A friend did the medical abortion and was 7 weeks. It failed and the foetus died, but did not come out so they tried again. She still had stuff inside her uterus after she tried twice and was told to ... Read more

I wanted to share my experience of medical abortion at 7 weeks

I had a medical abortion yesterday at 7 weeks pregnant and wanted to share my experience, as I spent days beforehand reading these pages online which made me feel a lot more nervous. I took the I ... Read more

My medical abortion at 7 weeks - this is what happened

My period is always on time, if not just one day late or early. This time...was not the case. I was 6 weeks pregnant and the thought of being pregnant to a guy that I just started dating was a ... Read more

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