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It makes me sick knowing I paid to abort my baby

I had a Surgical Abortion in October 2011 at 7 weeks 6 days. At 18, and my boyfriend 19, we couldn't decide what to do, we must have changed our minds at least 3 times. But after talking about it ...

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I had an abortion and hate my life & most importantly myself

Today is December 11th 2011, and I had an abortion on December 8th. I don't really know what to do or say other than I hate my life and most importantly I hate myself. I'm 28 years old and ...

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I had a medical abortion at 7+2 weeks: I was absolutely terrified

I had a medical abortion yesterday at 7+2 weeks. To be honest, prior to going in for the procedure, I was absolutely terrified, especially as no one apart from me even had the foggiest that I was ...

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I was ready to go back to work and opted for a medical abortion

I'm 28, have 2 boys age 11 and 4, and I've been with my husband for 12 years. 4 weeks ago I started to feel quite ill, really sick and dizzy which I put down to a 24 hour bug, but when it ...

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A surgical abortion under local anaesthetic at Marie Stopes

I expected the pregnancy test to be negative I was in a casual relationship with a bloke. I found out he was married and his wife was expecting a baby too. She was about 12 weeks when I ...

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My medical abortion pain was extreme - I thought I'd die

An extremely painful medical abortion Last year, me and boyfriend (for 3 years) got pregnant. As we are both medical students in 4th and 5th year in than ...

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I had a medical abortion with BPAS nearly 2 weeks ago

I had a medical abortion with BPAS nearly 2 weeks ago. I chose this method as I wanted it to be 'natural' and to be at home during the procedure. I arrived at the clinic for my second ...

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My mother wouldn't allow a baby so I had an abortion at 7½ wks

I had a medical abortion on 08/03/11 when I was 7½ weeks pregnant and think I saw the placenta. They did different blood test and scan, although they did not show me the scan. I ask ...

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My shock pregnancy and subsequent abortion at 40 years old

I was planning my 40th birthday party I am happily married with two children aged 12 and 9. At the end of January 2010 I was happily planning my 40th birthday party ...

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We didn't ever want a baby so my pregnancy was a total shock

I never wanted a baby I wanted to write this to give my experience of medical abortion at 7 weeks. I am 38, been with my partner for 15 years and we simply did not and have never wanted ...

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