I'd love to have a baby with my boyfriend but my mother wouldn't allow it

I had a medical abortion on 08/03/11 when I was 7½ weeks pregnant and think I saw the placenta.

They did different blood test and scan, although they did not show me the scan. I ask the lady but she keep telling me that it was only tissue.

Anyway, I come home after my second pill feeling sick and dizzy. After 10 mins I had the most painful cramps and start bleeding in an hour.

Suddenly I felt something come out went to the toilet and saw something that looked like a liver but with grey and red veins. When I touched it it was soft and the size of an apple. There was a white dot in the middle of the apple shape but I did not know what it was. 

My cramping stopped and I was able to sleep and after I wake up I think I saw the placenta. It was really hard to deal with but after few days I just have back pain with normal bleeding like the period and no cramps.

I just want to know what it was that I saw. Any who know please send me feedback thank.

Don't get wrong I love to have a baby me and my boyfriend, but my mother would not allow us and she will make me have an abortion because of that reason I just had without telling her.

This story was sent in on 21/03/2011

Editor's comment

It is hard to feel that you are being pressurised into this decision because of your mother's views.

I think it is likely from what you describe that you could see the foetus you passed.

If you would like to talk this through with someone please get in touch with a centre near you.

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