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Stories of abortions taking place at 7 weeks of pregnancy

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I didn't believe the stories about early medical abortion

When I found out I was pregnant it was a big shock, however, I was expecting it as I had just come back off a two week holiday and had not yet started my period, which was due the first week I was ... Read more

My failed medical abortion at Planned Parenthood in Texas

I posted this story on another website to a girl inquiring about whether it was better to have a medication-induced abortion or a surgical one. I'm simply going to copy-paste my entry on the other ... Read more

My horrible medical abortion has lasted just under 5 months

When I first found out I was pregnant I felt very disappointed with myself and shocked, at 20 years old I didn't feel like I was ready to have someone to depend on me having no stability in my own ... Read more

Medical abortion at 7 weeks: I was in agony within 10 mins

When I first found out I was pregnant I was shocked, I was currently on the 'mini' contraceptive pill, so it was not expected or planned. I went to see my doctor who confirmed my pregnancy ... Read more

After much prayer & agony abortion seemed my only option

My family has been plagued by teen pregnancy, abortion, children conceived out of wedlock and other issues for generations now. My mother's parents (my grandparents) were abusive. My while ... Read more

I read so many horror stories when googling 'medical abortion'

Medical abortion. Not such a horror story! My experience with medical abortion was a positive one. I read so many horror stories when googling the term 'medical abortion', I set myself up for out ... Read more

My medical abortion at Women's Health Clinic RVI Newcastle

I have just had a medical abortion. I am 32 and have three small children, the youngest is still a baby. I fell pregnant due to failed contraception and the moment I found out I knew I didn't want ... Read more

I started taking the progesterone only pill but fell pregnant

I recently started taking the progesterone-only pill[1]. A few days into taking it I was getting bad mood swings, was becoming my ... Read more

I had an abortion and hate my life & most importantly myself

Today is December 11th 2011, and I had an abortion on December 8th. I don't really know what to do or say other than I hate my life and most importantly I hate myself. I'm 28 years old and ... Read more

I had a medical abortion at 7+2 weeks: I was absolutely terrified

I had a medical abortion yesterday at 7+2 weeks. To be honest, prior to going in for the procedure, I was absolutely terrified, especially as no one apart from me even had the foggiest that I was ... Read more

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