I had a medical abortion at Women's Health Clinic RVI Newcastle due to failed contracpetion

By anonymous on 06/01/2012
medical abortion abortion 7 weeks

I have just had a medical abortion. I am 32 and have three small children, the youngest is still a baby. I fell pregnant due to failed contraception and the moment I found out I knew I didn't want another child.

My husband supports my decision, three children is the right amount for us, and the reasons for not continuing to have a fourth were overwhelming.

I got referred to the Women's Health Clinic at RVI, Newcastle, by my GP.

It was over the Christmas period, so I had to wait 8 days.

I went to the clinic, the nurse was friendly and talked me through the options.

I had such bad morning sickness I just wanted which ever method could be done quickest.

She told me I would have to wait a week for the surgical abortion, but could have the first pills for the medical abortion at the appointment and return two days later for the second lot of pills.

She scanned me, I didn't look, and dated the pregnancy at 7 weeks. She took some bloods, a urine test and a swab for mrsa. I took the first lot of pills. They made me feel very nauseaous over the next 24 hours, which wasn't fun, on top of morning sickness.

I returned to the day ward two days later and took the second lot of pills vaginally. I was told to lie on the bed for half an hour.

I was very nervous due to reading lots of horrific stories on the internet. However, I only experienced very mild cramping, and just lay on the bed reading. I felt a bit shivery. I needed the toilet about two hours after the pills.

I went to the loo and peed in a bed pan and felt like I needed a poo. I pushed and passed something the size of a plumb. I had to show the nurse.

She confirmed I had passed the pregnancy. Another nurse came and spoke to me at some point to see if the 'products of pregnancy' could be used for medical research (into miscarriage and its causes), I agreed as it made it all seem less of a waste.

After an hour the nurse discharged me and I went home.

There was no need for pain killers, although I did have mild cramping and heavy bleeding. But I felt much better almost instantly.

The nurses were lovely, very kind and understanding and not at all judgemental. I went by myself as my husband had to look after the children and I didn't want to tell anyone else, I had a few tearful moments and everyone was very kind.

I feel a bit sad and empty, but also very relieved. I know I have made the right decision for me and my family. I feel very foolish for falling pregnant in the first place, so my guilt is associated with my own irresponsible behaviour.

I am just glad this is all over and now I can move on with my life, I have three beautiful children and they are what I need to focus on.

Editor's comment

Thank you for telling your story. Please contact a centre if you would like any help and support. You can follow this link to find a centre for post-abortion support in your area.

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