5 months after my abortion the bleeding & pain stopped after a "scrape of the womb"

By anonymous on 11/02/2013
medical abortion abortion 7 weeks

When I first found out I was pregnant I felt very disappointed with myself and shocked, at 20 years old I didn't feel like I was ready to have someone to depend on me having no stability in my own life at the current time.

I spoke to my parents about my situation, having already considered abortion, they told me that it was what I should do, but they wanted no part of it and I had to take responsibility for my own actions and do it alone.

I went to the doctor's who confirmed I was 6 weeks pregnant and was very supportive about my decision. He referred me to the hospital to have an abortion on the NHS.

I went to the hospital a week later and they told me they only offered a medical abortion which was my preferred choice, I hadn't done much research about the methods, however I didn't want to be 'put under'.

They took some blood tests to check my blood type, and took some swabs to check for infection, they gave me the first tablet and I was sent home. I experienced nothing after having the first tablet and went about the next day as usual.

2 days after taking the first tablet I went back to the hospital for the 2nd tablet, when I had taken this they told me to have a 10 minute walk around the building.

When I came back the intense cramping began, I started vomiting and began to bleed slightly, the nurse told me to sit on the toilet as this is what most people found easiest so I did that and within 30 minutes of taking the tablet I felt the 'pregnancy' slide out and the nurse confirmed it.

I was in the hospital for 3 hours then sent home to rest.

A week later I was still bleeding heavily with severe pain in my lower abdomen. I went to the doctor's and they sent me straight to the hospital where I was put on a drip and kept overnight when they then confirmed I had a cervical infection and was sent home with antibiotics.

A month later I was still having intense pain in my lower abdomen and still bleeding heavily

I went back to the doctor's who said that the infection may have come back so I was given another course of antibiotics.

3 months after initially having the medical abortion I was still bleeding heavily so I went back to my doctor who tried to take some blood but couldn't find my vein, I came back a week later and saw the nurse who took my blood, the week after I came back to see the doctor about the results, he said they were normal and gave me some tablets to stop the bleeding.

A week after that!! I went back to the doctor who did an internal examination and took more swabs.

2 weeks later I had to have a 'scrape of the womb' and now the bleeding has stopped and I have no pains.

In all my medical abortion has lasted just under 5 months, it has been a horrible time also having to hold down a full time and a part time job, whilst having to go through this alone.

From my own experience I would never recommend a medical abortion, I don't regret my decision however sometimes I do find myself thinking about what I saw in the cardboard bowl in the hospital.

I'm just glad to have it over and move on with my life.

Editor's comment

That was quite a marathon for you to cope with, and it sounds as though you experienced a number of the possible risks they talk about. Bleeding, infection, and retained products are all possible complications, and it must have been frustrating to have taken so long to sort out the problems. I hope you are now feeling better but if you find you are struggling with post-abortion emotions, please contact a centre for support.

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