A very hard and tough experience

By anonymous on 12/02/2013
I had just looked online to see if there was anyone that was going through the same thing as me and it's really nice to know that I am not alone. So I want to share my story with y'all.

I got a boyfriend. He made me look at myself in a positive way rather than negative, how I always thought. We were happy. 6 months after dating we had both found out I got pregnant.
I was already packing up to move out of the state and we both knew that we would have to go our separate ways from there. Just before I had moved, we found that out.

We were really shocked because I used birth control.

We were both taking those precautions. Some of the times he wasn't but I still was.

we had first decided on adoption. We changed out minds after because he had just enlisted in the navy. If his recruiter found out, they would kick him out. As another month went on, we were both so confused. There was a lot going on in our heads. I had already moved about 1000 miles away and that's when we realized I should have an abortion.
I have Always, always been against it but thinking of having a baby so young and having so much to succeed in life. I know you can do it with a baby, but you would want what's best for him or her.
I wasn't financially stable. My boyfriend would be kicked out of the military, plus my unborn child would have no daddy. So we followed through that decision.
In the back of my mind I thought that it would save our relationship, but it wasn't helping. I had got the money to get my abortion at 7 almost 8 weeks. No I did not want to see my baby while the procedure was happening.

It was a very hard and tough experience, especially when I didn't have him by my side.

Although he did keep in contact asking me how I was.
After several months I moved back to where I was and we did get back together. We felt a lot of guilt and regret from then and really selfish. We felt like criminals. We would do anything to take that back, but we both know that we can't go back and change anything. What's done is done, and we both believe that we're parents of an angel now. and he's in good hands with god. Well if any of y'all read this please rethink and rethink and make sure abortion is what you really want to do, and if you had an abortion and feel like your living with this big regret, it does get better.

Editor's Comment

It was a very hard decision for you to make especially when you had always been against abortion. Going against your core values or beliefs can leave you with guilt and regret. Time does sometimes help with emotional pain, but sometimes you need help and support to look at your experience and get closure.

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