Not such a horror story! My experience with medical abortion was a positive one

By anonymous on 21/01/2012
medical abortion abortion 7 weeks

Medical abortion. Not such a horror story! My experience with medical abortion was a positive one. I read so many horror stories when googling the term 'medical abortion', I set myself up for something quite horrific!

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks.

I had just had the coil removed 6 weeks previous due to having problems with it, I was waiting for my period to start to take the pill. 

Anyway that day never came so I tested myself, knowing I was pregnant as all the symptoms were there.

I chose abortion as I have a 2 year old and a 9 month old baby, there is only 16 months between them and I just don't feel physically ready to have another.

Anyway I went for my first scan at 5 weeks, they told me to come back a week later.

It looked as though there were two embryos, meaning twins

I was shocked and my partner who is also an identical twin was upset so we decided at that point that aborting one was hard enough, we couldn't abort two.

I went back a week later having set myself up that I was having two babies, they scanned me which revealed that one embryo had developed but the other was nothing more then an empty sac.

I was offered the first pill that day but having spoke to the nurse I felt as though I needed more time to make a decision.

I discussed things with my partner but having another child wasn't an option, I didn't want the responsibility of another (as awful as that sounds), and it just wasn't financially possible. We both work and are just living comfortably.

Plus I had to think of my other two children. My eldest was only a baby himself when I had my youngest, it just wasn't fair to bring another baby into the home that would need a lot of attention and push him out even more.

I rang the hospital back up the day after and told them that I did want to go ahead. They made an appointment for me to go back the following wednesday where I took my first pill. I was told to come back on the friday at 8 in the morning.

I started bleeding from the first pill 24 hours later so they rescanned me friday morning just to confirm I was still pregnant which I still was. I was then given my own bed, and my own bathroom with bedpans to pass the pregnancy tissue into.

The nurse inserted 2 tablets into my vagina. I was so scared of the pain but I guess I was lucky, I had mild back ache at the most.

I never required a pain killer

I starting passing the pregnancy tissue half an hour later, and spent the next few hours passing it in bits.

I was on a ward with another lady who got a hard time with the pain but she was given a pain killer and the pains went.

I was rescanned at 3pm and was told my uterus was now clear.

I was offered cups of tea and fresh water allday, was given breakfast and lunch. Had a clean bathroom, a bed and nurses there all day to help me.

I had an antibiotic when I had passed everything which is inserted in the anus. I did opt to do that myself, which is surprisingly easy to do!

They then rang my partner to pick me up and discharged me with strong painkillers (which I don't need), and antibiotics to take for a week.

Editor's comment

Thanks for describing your experience. This was a hard decision for you when you had 2 young children to look after, and the prospect of another baby so soon. It is sad that your contraception was not better managed because although it is good to wait for your period it is not essential. If you change contraception you can start the pill immediately and use extra precautions for the first 7 days. I have heard of other women who have become pregnant while waiting for their period to come.

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