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Experiences of abortion at 11 weeks of pregnancy.

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My NUPAS surgical abortion experience (at 11 weeks)

Okay so, I’m writing my story just to help anyone else thinking about a surgical abortion just like I did. I scoured the Internet for helpful stories did it hurt? What’s the process? I ... Read more

At the time, I thought I was doing what was best for everyone

I remember wondering when I was going to get my period.. Waiting. Finnaly, I took a pregnancy test, it came back negative. So I waited longer, my mom knew I hadn't had my period either, so I ... Read more

I have never felt so wrong, depressed and alone in all my life

I always wanted a baby since I was young, the thought of pregnancy and motherhood made me feel like I could be in control one day in life. At 14 I met this man 3 years older than me and I my ... Read more

I hope my surgical termination at 11 weeks settles the nerves

After reading countless stories on this website from ladies who had undergone a termination, I wish to share my story. I hope that it settles the nerves of anyone who is going through what I did. ... Read more

An 11-weeks surgical abortion after a gender test revealed a girl

I am 39 years old and a mother of 3 beautiful children. I was on birth control until last year when my period became very irregular and I thought I was going through menopause and had let down my In ... Read more

Not wanting to accept abortion I talked as if keeping the baby

Hi all. 10 months ago I came to the realization that I had been having pregnancy symptoms. I was living with a friend that was pregnant, so I think I was kind of in denial of the symptoms. My and I a ... Read more

I'm 20 & suffering from an abortion at 11 weeks when I was 18

I had an abortion when I was 18 years old I dated a man much older than this being my first pregnancy I had no idea he told me I was pregnant before I even knew eventually my period was and I ... Read more

A medical termination after treatment for a vaginal infection

Every day for the past week I've been coming here to read of other people's experience of terminating their pregnancy in hope of feeling better about my own but that has proven futile. Now I've to my ... Read more

I'm 16 and regret the abortion I had just under three weeks ago

I'm sixteen and regret the abortion I had just under three weeks ago. I was nearly 12 weeks and I feel a constant guilt inside of me and whenever I'm alone my thoughts drift and I think about I I ... Read more

I worry at how easy it was to get my surgical abortion

Being 24 and single the last thing I wanted was to find out I was pregnant, I had a feeling I was but I was still having periods and so I ignored all the signs. By the time I took a test I was around ... Read more

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