I’m not going to tell you why I chose medical abortion, but I'll tell you exactly what it's like

By anonymous on 10/04/2019
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For women out there seeking a medical abortion... READ THIS! I was feeling very sick/tired and I never thought I would be the one who got pregnant. I took my birth control consistently but oops ONE slip up and BOOM I was pregnant! I’m not going to sit here and tell you why I chose medical abortion, I have my reasons. But I will tell you exactly what it is like.

I was 5 weeks along when I found out I was pregnant. I took an at-home pregnancy test expecting it to be negative but it ended up being positive. I remember sitting in that Walmart bathroom for an hour crying my eyes out because I just couldn’t believe it...

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Anyways, it was a Thursday night and luckily I had the next day off. I looked up the local Planned Parenthood hours and walked in the next day right when they opened for a test to confirm I was REALLY pregnant.

First, they ask why you are there and what you are needing to be done. Second, they take you in to take a pee test. Then they call you to a back room to confirm that you are.

I remember the moment clearly that they told me I was, I immediately asked if they do abortions at the clinic that day. She said they don’t do them at that specific location because of the laws and gave me an address & phone number to the nearest one that did.

So as soon as I left my appointment that day, I looked up the location online and booked an appointment. Of course, the nearest location for me was an hour and a half away and I had to wait two weeks for my appointment.

I think the hardest part of the whole process was the waiting game to the appointment. I mean two WHOLE weeks and all I could do was look up stories online and of course I only really found horror stories that made me not want to do it but I knew I had to. Which is why I’m writing this, for all the women doing the exact same thing I did when I was anxiously waiting for my appointment.

Two weeks go by... it’s the day of my appointment. I woke up feeling very nauseous and out of it. I had my boyfriend drive me to the clinic where I knew I shouldn’t go alone.

I arrive at the clinic 15 minutes early to sign in, the staff in the front was very nice and made me feel welcomed. They had me sign a bunch of papers and pay for the whole process before I went back.

First, you get called to an ultrasound room where they took a vaginal ultrasound (everybody on these stories said it hurt so I worked myself up, it didn’t hurt me at all!).

Second, they take blood work to see if you have positive or negative blood.

Third, they give you the first dose of the medicine for abortion in the clinic. Then they sent me home with a second set of pills to take when I got home and comfy.

I get home... it’s 3:30 pm. I take the second set of four pills inserting them vaginally. Two hours go by, I’m still not bleeding but cramping BAD. I got my heating pad on. They were bad cramps but nothing like I haven’t had from a bad period. I finally got myself to lay down on the couch and fall asleep for two hours by 8:30 pm.

My boyfriend woke me up at 10:30 pm and told me I may need to go use the bathroom and check. I sit down, look at my pad there’s no blood what so ever. But as soon as I sit down I hear a big thump against the water... that was it and when they tell you don’t look down, DO NOT LOOK DOWN!

Once I did, I felt very sick and like I was going to faint. I threw up a couple of times and then bled for about 30 minutes really heavy then all of a sudden, I was completely fine. I felt relief and just like my normal self. 

If you are considering a medical abortion or going through one. Don’t believe the horror stories because it truly isn’t that bad. It gets a little painful but nothing serious! I hope this helps :)

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