My 7+5 weeks medical abortion pain management

I wanted to share my experience with medical abortion. I had it on 16th Feb 2019 with BPAS. I was 7+5 weeks pregnant.

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They offered treatment on the day of the consultation which I was surprised at but glad as it would all be over sooner. You take the first tablet orally in the clinic and then you are given more tablets to take home and advised when and how to use them.

So for anyone who is scared about the pain: I took painkillers (2 paracetamol) an hour before taking the 2nd lot of medication. Once I had taken the 2nd lot of medication I took 800 mg of Ibuprofen. Then took more as needed just to take the edge off.

The clinic will advise you how and at what interval to take the pain meds. I didn't need to use the codeine they prescribed and I think this was down to the fact I had prepared by taking painkillers in advance.

The pain was bearable and like stronger period pains. I used a hot water bottle and spent the afternoon in bed watching tv. It helps if you are in familiar surroundings as you are more relaxed, well as relaxed as you can be.

The worst of it was over after about 4 hours and I have felt fine since.

I hope that this puts minds at ease.

This story was sent in on 28/02/2019

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