I read such a mix of stories before my abortion but my pain was bearable so thought I'd share my story

By Lucy on 01/03/2019
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I had my medical abortion at 7 weeks. I found out really early about 3 weeks in and from talking to my friend knew I would have to wait. Anyways by the time I got a convenient appt, it was 7 weeks. The nurse was really lovely, did the scan and confirmed 7 weeks, etc. 

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She gave me a pot of 5 tablets: anti-sickness, paracetamol, and antibiotics. She also gave me 4 tablets to insert and I then left. I thought I would need to come back but she did it all there and then and it took 20 mins.

Small cramps started on the way home but nothing major, just period pains. I did get hot and cold shivers etc after about 2 hours.

After 3 hours nothing had happened and it did make me wonder if it was even working but the period pain type cramps told me it probably was.

All of a sudden I needed the loo and that's when the diarrhoea started. This is normal and says so in the booklet. But then there was also a bit of blood so I assumed it was about to start.

I stayed close to the toilet as I felt both sick and also my stomach. I guess what I had next were contractions which lasted about 2 hours. They were bearable and I thought I was a wimp but I did basically lay on the floor on my side for 2 hours.

I would get up when I felt blood coming down... you know when you're on your period and you can feel it coming if you wear pads like me. It felt like that so I would get up as and when.

8½ hours after inserting the tabs I passed one big clot and that was it. It was much bigger and I just knew it was done. There were much smaller normal period clots for me but after the one, I felt fine.

The next day I did normal things and I was bleeding as if I am on a normal period. There were more clots every time I went to the toilet but nothing to worry about.

I read such a mix of stories on here that I was worried but felt I would share mine. Personally, it was 'okay' and the pain was bearable.

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