My medical abortion was no worse than a regular period

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My medical abortion was a breeze. I ended up getting pregnant with the copper IUD, and I chose a medical abortion over surgical because I had a surgical one three years ago and it was very invasive and I ended up going into shock after.

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I got the IUD removed and took the first medication on Friday at 5 pm. I started bleeding at about 1 pm the next day took 800mg of ibuprofen at 9:40 pm and then inserted the 4 tablets remaining on Saturday at 10:30 pm. I chose to insert them vaginally, rather than take buccally, as my dr instructed me, because I had read that it lessened symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, and pain.

I turned on a movie with my boyfriend and waited. I was expecting a ton of pain, because of all the horror stories that I read online, and had my T3s and Percocet handy, but the pain never came.

I didn’t get any nausea or diarrhea either. And honestly, there was very little cramping. Maybe it was because of the ibuprofen, but it was no worse than a regular period.

I got up to pee and when I got to the toilet, that’s when a whole lot of blood and clots came out. The heavy bleeding lasted through the night. I think I used maybe two overnight pads. It’s continued into the net day, but just like a heavy period.

I hope this helps someone reading all the horror stories and freaking out like I was.

« After my abortion, a piece of me feels lost. Broken. Missing.

Even if I got pregnant next week, I'd keep my child, because I can’t handle losing another one…

My medical abortion pain was okay, it was bearable »

I was worried after reading stories so thought I'd share mine…

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