This is my experience with medical abortion when I was 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant

I want to give my experience with a medical abortion. I was 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I took the first pill at the clinic on a Tuesday at 9 am. I hadn’t eaten and the nurse said that was bad so I grabbed a box of breakfast bars and ate 3 on the bus to work. I did not feel nauseous or any cramps on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I put the other pills under my tongue at 3:30 pm on Wednesday while at work. I left work at 5 and walked home 1 mile. Did not feel anything.

Below is a timeline of the night I took on my phone:

  • 5:43 - started bleeding a little 

  • 6:45 - still light bleeding - like a normal period- cramping getting worse so took 800 mg of ibuprofen 

  • 8:38 - passed big clot with a little white piece attached, cramps almost instantly eased, google miscarriage at 7 weeks photo to confirm what I’m looking at is correct, this is the pregnancy passing 

  • 9:11 - lots of bright red blood now, 3 big clots, one the size of a clementine, very little cramping 

  • 9:33 - another big clot but instead of a blob it’s more like a sheet, this is what I would expect uterine lining to look like. cramping almost gone. I’m realizing when a cramp comes a clot usually follows

  • Midnight - smaller clots and have soaked through a full pad 

  • 6:30 am - full but not soaked pad, like a heavy period, small clot and no pain, going to work like normal, didn't have any diarrhea or nausea 

  • 12:30 pm - still period level bleeding, same pad from this morning, mostly light red color, but some thick stringy blood when I went to the bathroom. No cramps, already starting to feel normal. Breasts are finally not sore to the touch. 

Bleeding lasted about a week and a half more, after the first few days, the thinnest panty liner was sufficient.

Went back to the clinic on the next Tuesday (6 days later) and the nurse confirmed pregnancy was gone, said I had a small pocket of blood that hadn’t come out, she said it would either come out on its own or with my next period.

I’m on the pill so on the next period time I didn’t have much of a period, I took another test to be sure and it came back negative.

My period usually comes the first day of the sugar pills but on day 5 a plum size clot came out instead. No pain at all, it came out while I was walking and just felt very strange, I had to go into a store to use the bathroom and it was on my underwear when I pulled them down, this was the clot the nurse was talking about. I called the clinic and they confirmed that what I was experiencing was normal while on the pill, they said my next period time should be back to normal. 

This story was sent in on 11/03/2019

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