Two failed medical abortions from a private doctor

I went to have an abortion on Wednesday with a private docter but I felt that nothing happened

No bleeding just a smelly discharge, and the medication came out of my vagina.

I went back to docter and explained to him what happened and he told me that the abortion was unsuccessful so we tried again on Friday.

He told me what to expect but nothing happened that Friday I even waited on Saturday but just have a running stomach.

I waited until Sunday still nothing then later Sunday I notice again medication coming out again, I now don't know what to do?

This story was sent in on 28/06/2015

Editor's comment

It is hard to comment as I don't know if the private doctor that you went to is legally qualified, or what medication he was using.

Normally for a medical abortion you take one tablet by mouth and then 2 days later 4 tablets are inserted vaginally which cause you to lose the pregnancy.

I would seek some alternative medical help that you know you can trust.

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