Unplanned pregnancy at 14 years old

By Julysa on 28/06/2015

I'm 14 turning 15 in August. I found out I was pregnant last week on Tuesday.

When I told my boyfriend he was actually shocked, but everything got bad until his mom found out.

Now she wants to send him back to Canada to live and we both decided to do an abortion since it's better if we do it his mother won't send him back to Canada.

I am worried that once I do it I'll feel real emotional. I wanted to keep it but the thing is my family doesn't know.

Editor's comment

It is a big decision for you to make when you are just 14/15. It may help you to ask yourself how you feel about abortion; is it something that you feel comfortable with in terms of your values and beliefs, or have you always felt uncomfortable with abortion for you as a person. I would encourage you to tell someone in your family. Is there anyone that you feel you can go to? It may be your mum or dad, an aunt, older sister? It is hard to carry this sort of decision alone, and one that you will have to live with long-term, so I feel you need support yourself. The pressure that your boyfriend's mum is putting on you is difficult to cope with but it shouldn't be the only influence on your decision.

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