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These stories involve and relate to, peoples experiences of abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy.

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We already have 3 kids and our plan didn't involve a 4th

I found out I was pregnant when I began to feel unwell. I had tummy pains and an upset tummy for weeks. We already have 3 kids and out lam didn't involve a 4th. The 2 weeks I was sick the we ... Read more

The mental pain of that little circle will stay with me for eternity

My story begins in December 2014. It had been a lovely Christmas and as always everyone's always merry when alcohol and festivities come together! At the time I was 24, 2 years previously I ... Read more

I'd read accounts of other early medical abortions being agony

I found out I was pregnant about a week after a missed period (my periods are never on the dot so assumed it was just late until I tested) so this would have made me about 5 weeks pregnant. ... Read more

My medical abortion at 6 weeks pregnancy at 35 years of age

I am 35 married and already have two children and work full time. I was happy with 2 children but I did suffer 3 miscarriages along the way. So I felt that I had been through enough and I my ... Read more

I've never felt such pain: like my uterus was clamping on itself

Medical abortion at 6 weeks. So, I'm a student in my early 20's, in a fairly new relationship, 3 months in I found out I was pregnant. I knew straight away I could not and did not want to I ... Read more

I was taking blood thinners so couldn't have a medical abortion

Hi, I am a 42 year old married mum of 3 healthy children. In Dec I suffered a stroke and tests have diagnosed the cause was a hole in my heart. I am currently awaiting surgery to close the I ... Read more

A straightforward account of a medical abortion at 6 weeks

Hi, I am married , was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant when we chose for abortion due to some valid reason. By the posts I read before opting for a medical abortion, I was very very scared thinking ... Read more

I was 6 weeks but the picture showed the shape of a baby

I was 21 in my second year at University when I found out I was pregnant. Due to being in the middle of my studies my boyfriend and I would need to have a termination. I went for the medical ... Read more

I was 12 yrs old using birth control but didn't know how it worked

I was 12 at the time.. I didn't have very good parents mydad was an alcoholic that stay gone all the time, my mom was on drugs & looking for any man to give her attention.. My boyfriend ... Read more

Keeping it a secret was important due to their religious beliefs

Medical Abortion at 6 1/2 weeks Three weeks ago after a gut feeling, I took a pregnancy test which came out as positive. Believing it to be a false positive, as due to an underlying health I ... Read more

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