Within 2 hours the bleeding started with pain a little more than normal periods

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Hi, I am married and was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant when we chose for abortion due to some valid reason.

By the posts I read before opting for a medical abortion, I was very very scared thinking of the pain involved. In the sonology report, the gestational sac was found on the 5 weeks and 5th day. I was advised to have a tablet [Posts involving abortion at 6 weeks].

Not much after effects were noticed after having the tablet via the mouth. Next Day early morning with light food I was told to have 2 tablets.

Within 2 hours bleeding started and I had a little pain (bearable) with cramps, a little more than the normal periods. The flow was heavier and I changed 3 pads a day. After 12 hours I took the next 2 sets of tablets.

Bleeding and cramps continued at the same pace. I did not notice any big clots passing out but had a heavy blood flow for 2 days. Then it reduced day by day and bleeding continued for 8 days.

Drink plenty of water during the 8 days and you will observe lower abdominal pain. I experienced pain due to lack of water.

As per doctors instructions, I went for pelvis scanning on 10th and the report turned out to be clean without any leftover products.

This is my story which happened on July 25 2015.

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