I am 22 weeks pregnant and I am about to get an abortion. By Cathalina

I am 22 weeks pregnant and I am about to get an abortion not because I want to but I have to.

My due date is November 10th 2015 and he's a boy. Youpi!!!!.but if I give birth my baby is going to have sickle cell disease and I don't want that for my baby. I don't want to see him suffering with pain after he's born at the same time I keep crying everyday about getting an abortion. I don't know what to do. I am only 20 years old I don't know if I am going to be able to take care of him even if I want to have him. He's kicking me every second to make me feel his presence. And it is so hard for me but I have to get that abortion. Oh my God why you're doing this to me. You really hate that much. I'm just going crazy right now and want to kill myself with the baby. 

Editor's Comment

It is always an agonising decision to make when an unborn child has an illness. Only you can decide what you can handle but treatment for sickle cell has progressed a lot, and now because of highly skilled specialist units they can often prevent a lot of the complications associated with this disease. I am sure you have been offered counselling but it may still be worth you talking to someone from one of the specialist units.

This story was sent in on 08/07/2015

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