The 2 weeks I was sick our routine fell apart, this proved we couldn't cope with any more

I found out I was pregnant when I began to feel unwell. I had tummy pains and an upset tummy for weeks. We already have 3 kids and our plan didn't involve a 4th. The 2 weeks I was sick the house and our routine fell apart and all the kids were unsettled, this only proved that we couldn't cope with any more.

I went to my GP, who was very calm and non-judgemental. I told her what I wanted to do and she rang a central place who found the next appointment, it was for the following morning at the Liverpool women's hospital.

I went and sat in this small waiting room, where nobody gave you eye contact. The nurse called me in, I was given an internal scan and I was 6 weeks 1day. I didn't see the screen but I actually didn't want to, neither did my partner. She discussed how to access counselling if I wanted it.

I went on Friday and was given the following appointment for Wednesday. This cooling off period was to think of everything I needed to.

On Wednesday I walked into a young mum in the waiting room with a 4-month-old baby who screamed the place down. All I could think of was I can't cope with that stage again.

I went in to see the nurse who asked for my medical history, gave me blood tests, and asked if I was sure. I was there about an hour and a half. I left after knowing I hadn't vomited the tablets back up.

I went home and relaxed, watched TV and cooked tea. My tummy felt bloated and uncomfortable, I vomited throughout the night and on until the Friday appointment.

That morning I started to bleed lightly. I arrived at the hospital and was given 4 tablets to insert and a glove. Once inserted I was given antibiotics and told I can leave. On the way home I felt cramps, backache and sickness.

I went home and lay on the bed, drifted off to sleep. 30 minutes later I felt a wetness and went to the toilet. I gushed blood and as I walked away I felt a plop, I went back to the toilet and I had passed a clot. It was about the size of a small Apple. Over the next hour or so I passed 2 more clots.

I bathed and cleaned myself up and carried on with my normal routine.

The next day I felt different the sickness had gone my energy returned and generally just felt like I was on my period.

This story was sent in on 08/08/2015

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