I know my pregnancy was still very early but I had read accounts of other early medical abortions which were agony so I was still a little nervous

By anonymous on 24/07/2015
medical abortion bpas abortion 6 weeks

I found out I was pregnant about a week after a missed period (my periods are never on the dot so assumed it was just late until I tested) so this would have made me about 5 weeks pregnant.

I rang my local BPAS on a Monday and got an appointment for the following Tuesday - only 8 days wait which I was impressed with. I expected at least 2 weeks wait from what I had read online.

I only told a few close people about this and didn't take anyone to the clinic with me, I'm quite a private/dislikes attention type person so the thought of people publicly worrying about me or being around to comfort me was horrifying for any injury/treatment, never mind when it's for an abortion!

So I arrived at the clinic on the Tuesday and was first seen by a nurse who briefly asked why I wanted to terminate and if I was sure (when I booked the appointment I was offered in-depth consultation and counselling but I refused as I was certain) and she checked all my details and took my height and weight.

She gave me an overview of what would happen that day and asked me if I had any idea already on which treatment I would like. I said pill/medical based on my research and she told me that I could get that from them but if I wanted surgical she would have to refer me to another of their clinics. She also told me a bit about the surgical procedure but I stopped her as I had researched and was certain.

I then saw a nurse who gave me an internal scan, she asked if I had had one before and when I said no she assured me and explained everything thoroughly. I was scared for this bit... like I said earlier, I'm a private person! Plus I wasn't sure if it would be painful. Nothing to worry about, it wasn't painful or uncomfortable and was over pretty quick, she confirmed I was actually 4 weeks 6 days.

Next, I saw another nurse who prescribed me some birth control pills (after asking and chatting to me about if I wanted some/the options I had.) She then ran through everything to do with the abortion pill, what happens, risks, side effects etc and then told me to see the receptionist who booked me in for a 'combined treatment' appointment on Thursday (2 days later).

I arrived at 9:30 on Thursday, I had read online (on other sites, not BPAS) that you take the tablets 3 hours apart when taking on the same day so I put just over 3 hours on the carpark.

Went in and took the first tablet by mouth. I was then given a pack with antibiotics to take about 2 hours later (as they can make you nauseous and I wouldn't want to vomit up the tablets before they were absorbed). I was also given a pregnancy test to take in 2 weeks and 30mg Codeine for the pain, she also recommended ibuprofen and paracetamol too.

Then to my surprise, I was told to take the vaginal tablets there and then (I could choose whether to place them myself or ask her to place them, I did it myself) and that was that done!

Not wanting to waste car parking money I then went into town for a few hours (to buy paracetamol and ibuprofen). I took a dose of each, this was before any pain but I wanted to be prepared before the pain kicked in, as I felt okay I stayed out a little longer till 1230.

I then drove home and as I was pulling up I felt a 'twinge', it wasn't painful as such but it made me think oh dear here come the cramps. I went in and checked to see that I hadn't started bleeding yet and when I went to the toilet 10 mins later it started.

I took 1 codeine again just in case (rather take before pain starts!). Every time I went to the toilet I passed a lot of clots, 1, in particular, I could really 'feel' (TMI I know haha) and figured that I must have passed the pregnancy then.

I felt a bit drowsy and dizzy for the rest of the day with barely noticeable cramps, I could do anything I would normally do around the house without feeling rubbish.

Later on that night my mum got in and cooked a late tea (she didn't know anything) I went downstairs for it and suddenly felt sick, ran upstairs to the loo and started shaking, I was thinking that THIS was actually the time I would pass the pregnancy, but I took a few deep breaths and calmed down, went down and ate fine.

Looking back I think I was just over hungry and the smell of my parents beef (which I hate) alongside the smell of my tea just gave me a funny turn for a minute, and as I am quite phobic of sick I always panic when I feel nauseous hence the shaking.

I went to bed with a heat pack on my tummy, just in case I started cramping during the night.

I woke up this morning feeling fine, just how I would feel on a period, my bleeding is now like the first days of a normal period too. It doesn't even feel like I've been through an abortion.

I hope this reassures some people, I know my pregnancy was still very early but I had read accounts of other early medical abortions which were agony so I was still a little nervous. Obviously everyone will experience differently but I'd definitely recommend taking the pain relief soon (before pain) as a precaution, it worked for me!

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