Overall the pain is intense but the process only took about 2 hours for me

By anonymous on 02/04/2020
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I know this was not an easy decision for anyone to make but in my case, it was the only decision. I decided to do the medical abortion. In TN they require you to have 2 doctor visits now so it is a little harder to wait.

I had my first appointment at 4 weeks pregnant and they gave the options. I had an ultrasound and talked to the doctor. Then 2 weeks later I arrived and had another ultrasound, then talked to the doctor privately.

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He gave me the first pill to take at the office and gave me all the instructions I needed for at home. I waited for approx. 40 hours before I inserted the 4 pills vaginally. Before doing this, I took a nausea pill and 2 pain meds that they prescribed me. I think it was basically strong ibuprofen.

I was extremely nervous about the pain and just the process in itself. About 30 minutes after inserting the pills vaginally, I started to lightly cramp, almost unnoticeable but I was really nervous. I was doing well until about 1½ hours after, I started to have more intense cramping which was uncomfortable.

I couldn’t sit still so I went to the bathroom and that’s when I started to bleed a little with diarrhea. This went on for about 45 minutes straight off and on again cramping and sharp pains. I never got nauseated but the pain was pretty intense. 7/10 pain for me. I would suggest getting a stronger pain med. I happened to have some from a surgery I had previously.

But after about 45 minutes I laid down and dozed off from the pain meds. When I woke up I only had light cramps so I went to the bathroom and had a rush of blood and clots come out. It didn’t hurt, but I could feel a lot of it. Right then and there I knew it was done. So overall the pain is intense for a while but the process only took about 2 hours for me. I am still bleeding, but nothing bad.

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