I opted to take both sets of abortion pills on the same day, 6 hours apart

By anonymous on 06/02/2019
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Alone. Ashamed. But I do not regret my decisions. I am 24, never wanted children, have only been dating my boyfriend for three months, I live in a tiny flat and just about get by financially. So when I found out I was pregnant, abortion was the clear answer for me. I had unprotected sex once and had taken the morning after pill (even though he never came inside me) but the pill failed. I haven’t told anyone (including my boyfriend) about the abortion (yet).

Unplanned pregnancy options

I found out I was pregnant on 24th Feb and immediately started scrolling the internet for the next options. I found a number and originally put my contact details in for a callback but got scared and impatient so called the number myself.

[Find your nearest unplanned pregnancy help and advice.]

The lady on the phone was very gentle and sweet, didn’t ask too many questions, wasn’t judgemental and got my appointment sorted promptly. An hour or so later I got the callback and I just quickly explained I’d sorted it, said thank you for calling and this lady was sweet and apologised for bothering me.

Abortion consultation

My appointment was scheduled for the 1st Feb at 08:40 and I’d done all my research beforehand so I wasn’t caught off guard by anything.

I arrived early as I usually do to every appointment. My biggest struggle was that the clinic was on the square where my work is (luckily I work nights) and I was worried someone I knew would see me going in and I’d have to explain everything.

I got into the clinic quickly (thank god no one I knew spotted me) and was seated in the waiting room with my number and a form to fill out. I was the first to arrive and no one else was in there which made me relax a little.

My number got called and I was brought into a little examination room and everything was explained to me about what they were going to proceed with. She ran through everything, I had to give a swab and a urine sample.

Pre-abortion scan

Then she explained how the scan was a probe scan as it would show the early pregnancy where an ultrasound wouldn’t at such an early stage. I undressed my lower half, propped myself up on the table and stared at the ceiling with a little awkward small talk while she took measurements of the pregnancy. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing hurt and I think I was more embarrassed than anything.

Once the scan was over she informed me I was 6 weeks pregnant and asked if I wanted to know any details about the scan; I declined.

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Abortion options

She asked which abortion procedure I wanted to go with and if I was considering any contraception for after the abortion. I chose the medical abortion and wanted the depo injection (a lot of my friends recommended it and the pill never really worked for me that well).

I was then sat back in the waiting room. This time the waiting room had about three girls waiting for treatment and one man as support to one of the girls. I was extremely on edge as the couple seemed very rude to the nurses and impatient but I understood that it’s a stressful ordeal and put it down to that. I wasn’t waiting long and quickly went through to see the second nurse.

Same day medical abortion

The second nurse I saw informed me they couldn’t give me the first pill today so I could come in on Monday to take the first pill and Wednesday for the second. But I couldn’t do the Monday (my mother was visiting) and I didn’t want to take the first pill on Wednesday and the second on Friday as I work Friday nights and couldn’t afford a night off so I opted for taking both pills 6 hours apart. I was given a care package with condoms and a pregnancy test and the appointment was set for the 6th Feb at 09:00.

On Wednesday I arrived early as usual and the nurse who had done my scan was behind the counter. It was quite reassuring to see a friendly face. She recognised me, took my initials and gave me a number. There was one woman waiting already and I suddenly became very aware that the flats opposite the building were where a lot of my work colleagues live and had a straight through view of the waiting room. I quickly moved so my back was to the windows.

I wasn’t waiting very long at all before I was called in by the nurse. This appointment went very quickly.

She already had the first pill out and the injection I needed because of my blood. She explained everything, gave me the injection, I took the pill and I was out within minutes. I live close by so I went home to wait out my six hours.

I started to feel a bit of pressure (not quite cramping) and watched a couple of films with my hot water bottle close by. I was back to the clinic at 15:00 and once again got there early. One woman in the waiting room and then my number was called after a minute or so.

The same nurse was administering the second medications. A couple of pain relievers, one suppository I placed myself in the bathroom next door and finally, the second pills were placed in my gums to dissolve.

She then did my depo injection which I was pleased about because I didn’t think they were going to do it at the clinic, just refer me to a clinic that would. I was given the debrief, what to expect, asked if I had anyone at home to look after me (I lied and said yes) and sent me on my way.

3 hours into the medical abortion

I am now three hours into the medical abortion. I have had cramps from an hour after I took the pills. I vomited about an hour ago (had to google if I’d have to go back to the clinic to take it again, luckily I do not) but as soon as I did my nausea subsided.

The cramps are still going strong but I’m keeping myself very warm. Lots of blankets, my hot water bottle and water. I have a lined bin by my bed just in case I need to vomit again and have started bleeding. I’ll keep you updated on the journey but for now, I’m quite pleased with the process.

The nurses were all very accommodating and understanding. I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed in the clinic at all and I was being reassured and walked through the entire process.

My feelings after the abortion pill

The only things I’m worried about are things to do with me being fiercely private. I haven’t told anyone about having the procedure so I’ve gone it alone, which I don’t mind, but I am worried about people finding out.

The other thing that worries me is that I’ve been advised not to have any sexual contact for a month, so as my boyfriend doesn’t know it’s going to be hard to make excuses and I fear it’ll affect our relationship a lot if I don’t tell him.

My final worry is that by taking both medicines six hours apart the abortion might fail. I am aware of the increased risks but to me, that was better than a risk of others finding out or losing out on my income for the week.

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