We have many concerns: health issues, finances and we're in the process of moving to another state

By Jianna

I'm a 41 yr old married for 22 years. Hubby is 46 and we have 3 great big kids turning 18 (boy), 16(girl) and 10 (boy) all this year. We just found out a week ago I was pregnant with unplanned #4. It's very scary!!!

Besides our ages and our kids being older... we had many concerns from my health issues, finances and we're in the process of moving to another state. We discussed it various times and it all comes down to we won't be able to keep it... it has been an emotional roller coaster.

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As I want to proceed with the termination I made an appointment ASAP but it was too early as I was only 4 wks 3 days. As I had entered the building and filled out the paperwork I wanted to pass out. I had such anxiety, my heart wanting to come out of my chest but as I spoke with the sonogram technician and explained my why I was feeling relieved.

Then I spoke with the nurse/counselor in which my husband was able to then come in. We had a good conversation and scheduled to come back on the seventh day from that date since in the sonogram there was nothing showing.

I asked myself again and again if I was willing to start all over again with the sleepless nights, all the doctor's appointments. And how I'm going to feel medically wise having endometriosis and having had a hernia mesh repair 4 months ago in which was so painful.

At the end of the day, I never thought in my lifetime I would need to make such a decision, my husband is very supportive either way I choose.

But at the end of the day I'm worried for my health and don't want that long term commitment when we are trying to help our teenagers when they go to college financially and were in the process of moving... there's too much going on.

Jianna sent this story in on 21/01/2019

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