I bled for a week and a half after my surgical abortion and got my first period after 33 days

By nina on 18/01/2019
surgical abortion abortion 5 weeks

I had a surgical abortion at 5 weeks along. After 4 years of using the pull out method, I fell pregnant... One drunken night my fiance didn't pull out on time and bam it happened.

I had my surgical abortion appointment which was scheduled early Saturday morning at 8 am but I wasn't seen till 12 pm.

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The week before my abortion I was a wreck. I continuously cried I was very confused and upset. I was taking the majority of my anger out on my fiance as I felt it wasn't fair I had to go through this physical and emotional pain on my own.

The abortion itself was very painful but quick, it felt like something was being sucked out of me. The doctor who was performing the abortion was very cold and uncomforting but the supporting nurse was amazing god bless her.

After the abortion, I bled for a week and a half on and off.

I had alot of aniexty about my next period. I waited 33 days after my procedure and got my first period which was very painful and I bled alot.

Hope this helps anyone going through this, just remember you're not alone.

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