Sorry for the disgusting parts but I know just how much I wanted to know about it and found hardly any information online

By Jasmine on 16/01/2019
medical abortion abortion 8 weeks

Please read this if you are scared about having a medical abortion.

Hi, girls I just wanted to tell my story on how it went when I took the abortion pill, as I know many of you may be scared and worried. I was feeling exactly that if anything, worse. I was very anxious about it as I had heard a lot of bad stories about it and from what I’ve seen not many people share the experience of it going well.

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So I found out I was pregnant and I was about 8 weeks along, I rang up my doctors and booked a scan etc., and they also booked me in to get the medication etc., on the day of my scan also.

There’s no reason to be scared and if anything was to go wrong, it’s nothing that cannot be sorted out, it’s 1 in every 100 girls a medical abortion goes wrong, and if you have any concerns or are scared just speak to the people at the hospital who are giving you the medication they will 100% tell you it is very unlikely anything will happen that you should be worried about.

Anyways I had my scan and I went into the next room where this man talked me through everything I needed to know about what I was taking and how to take it etc, also gave me information forms to read about the procedure.

He gave me about 5 different tablets to take. A few of them were anti-infection and anti-sickness tablets, he also gave me 4 tablets to insert vaginally that will make the pregnancy pass.

I took all the tablets and also the 4 I had to insert and as soon as I was done I got to go home to rest. About 30 mins had passed, I was waiting for my taxi and I had mild stomach cramps, just remember everyone’s body is different so don’t listen to them when they say you WILL bleed heavily and you WILL experience extreme cramps because everyone is different and I certainly did not experience either of those things as bad as they said.

I started to get a weird feeling in my belly, it didn’t hurt like cramps, I could just feel it happening a little. So I had gotten home and I went about my day as normal as the cramps were mild and I was not bleeding so I tidied my room etc to get comfy.

As the time went on the cramps would get a little worse but nothing that was painful, I remember about 2 and a half maybe 3 hours had passed and no sign of blood yet, although the pain had increased a little, I remember having cramps a little more intense than period pains but it was nothing I couldn’t handle, a hot water bottle and ibuprofen helped with that a lot.

It had been ages and I didn’t start bleeding yet so I thought it had not worked. I stood up and looked if I was bleeding yet and it had just started. I did not experience multiple blood clots either like I said it’s different for everyone and for me it was only 1 I passed, and a few tiny, tiny ones.

At that point the pain was not bad at all, just mild cramps I would say, and I was definitely not bleeding heavily, it was like a normal period to me.

About 5 or 6 hours had passed and I started getting the 'contractions' they say you'll get. When they say contractions I know what you’re thinking, it sounds awful and painful, but honestly, it was just cramps coming and going every few minutes. When it got a bit intense I would just lay there in bed on my side holding my hot water bottle and wait for it to pass. It would only last about 3 mins and I could still talk etc to take my mind off it, it felt nothing like they said.

At one point I was laying there and it got a little more intense. The cramps had increased a tiny bit and I was laying there thinking something was going wrong, I started sweating, and I started panicking, about a minute had passed and I felt something coming out as though my waters had just broken.

I thought it was blood so I thought something was wrong, I went to the toilet and I pushed and passed only 1 big blood clot and sadly that was it, I did not look down the toilet as it was all too emotional and they tell you not to for your sake.

I went back to my room and my contractions had stopped, and all I felt was a mild cramp, exactly like period pains now, it had all stopped, and it happened so fast I was not expecting it, as they told me I’d experience multiple blood clots but it only came out in 1, so do not panic if what happens to me happens to you, it is normal, it is normal to not bleed a lot and it’s normal to bleed a lot also.

The next day I woke up with no sickness, literally not even 1 symptom of pregnancy, my appetite came back almost instantly and I would have even been fit to go to work the next day but I didn’t because I knew I needed to take it slow.

I bled a bit heavily for about 12 days and then it stopped completely. I did not experience any cramping during the 12 days and everything went completely fine, so if you are worried about how it will go, I hope this helps you and calms you more.

There are many people there to help you and you are not on your own. What mostly got me through it was it only lasts a few hours so just hang in there until it’s over and have a hot water bottle with your favourite films on and you’ll be just fine.

Thank you and I hope this helps a few girls.

PS sorry for the disgusting parts but I know just how much I wanted to know about it and I got hardly any information online.

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