I was told to expect extreme cramping and heavy bleeding because I was so far along

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Hello to all, it's been a month since I made the decision to have a medical abortion. Tonight I am laying alone crying about the decision I had to make. I need to get my story off my chest.

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and my boyfriend and I just had a baby 5 months prior. My initial feelings were it's too soon, my age, and our current relationship struggles. I can't believe we threw caution to the wind and did not use protection.

So weeks went by and in my mind, I knew I could not bring another child into this world based on the above, but then looked at my daughter and thought it would be great for her to have a sibling close in age.

Needless to say in week 9 I came to this site and read stories about medical abortion. I scheduled 4 different appointments and cancelled them all.

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Week 10 came, I had to make the final decision, scheduled an appointment and went. I was absolutely disgusted that I felt this was the best decision for all.

So at the clinic (which was fantastic), I was told what to expect, basically same as the horror stories you read online. I was told to expect extreme cramping (told to take Tylenol with codeine) and heavy bleeding because I was so far along.

I was at the clinic for about an hour. I spoke to the doctor, he watched me take the first pill and gave me the other 4 to take at home the next day. I took the pill and spent the rest of the day in pure anxious mode.

The next day I let the other 4 disolve in my mouth. I cried and cried as I laid flat waiting for the medication to take affect.

About an hour later cramping began, then I felt the bleeding start - I did breathing exercises to calm me down. I went to the bathroom and literally sat on the toilet for maybe 45 min (felt longer), the bleeding and clots where alarming.

Advice again: have your feminine products set up, do not look in the toilet. You will know when you're done passing the pregnacy. The cramping lasted maybe a half hour. I then tried to relax the rest of the day.

I do have to say I was full of emotions: relieved, tired, sad, angry (at myself). To anyone reading this, if you have to make this hard choice please make it for you and only you, for whatever reason. Just know that it's a hard choice. I believe we all feel a sense of hurt because we feel we had, or needed to terminate our pregnancies.

My other advice would be not to read a bunch of stories as there are a lot of fake ones out there, ones that are anti-abortion that try to persuade women otherwise.

Tonight I'm feeling really down about my choice but I know it was the right one.

Thank you for reading, be strong ladies. Hugs to all

Love, Me

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