I had awful nausea from 3-5 weeks - that's how I knew to take a test

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Medical abortion while having extreme morning sickness.

I found out early that I was pregnant and was able to get things planned to have my medical abortion by the end of my 7th week pregnant [other accounts of medical abortion and abortion at 7 weeks of pregnancy].

I was having awful nausea from 3-5 weeks and that's how I knew to take a test. It turned to vomiting regularly within week 6 and the vomiting was so bad I was thankful I was taking 2 weeks off between switching jobs right at the 7th week.

I could barely leave the bathroom while on prescription anti-nausea medications. I could only keep the first pill, mifepristone, down for 2 hrs but the nurse on call assured me it should have been long enough.

The next day I took the four Misoprostol in the cheeks of my mouth but began vomiting a half hour later and they dislodged. When I called the nurse this time I was told to just wait and see and if it didn't work I could go back in the next week.

So I waited and hours after the bleeding should have started I was barely spotting. I was heartbroken but eventually the bleeding came. I knew it had to be enough for the miscarriage to have finished and the pregnancy terminated but I didn't believe it until they tested me 1½ weeks later.

I always knew along this process that this was the right choice. There was never any regrets.

I have grieved on my would-be-due-date for the experience. For the fact that my birth control failed me, and for my partner. For the fact that he was extremely unwell when I would otherwise have given birth and it would have been too much to handle. For the fact that I'll never know what could have been had it been a different circumstance for us.

In my work I end up with many clients who have had abortions for their own reasons. I always hope that they can find the peace I've found with my decision and that they do not let guilt overtake them when they have made the best decision they could manage in the place they were at in life.

I am a Christian and adhere to the fact that my God knew my lifecourse before it even began, and that he knew that baby would never be. I know my choices cannot overpower the will of God and that for some reason I went through a difficult brief pregnancy and medical abortion. It was not simple or easy but it was so necessary and good.

This story was sent in on 14/01/2019

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