I was 100% sure about abortion but if you're not you should seek abortion advice

By anonymous on 31/01/2019
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I was a hundred percent sure about it

I had an abortion 7 weeks through my pregnancy. I'm too young to have a baby and the pregnancy was least expected so I had no thought of giving birth and I was a hundred percent sure about the abortion.

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If you have any doubts, seek advice

But if there is a slight thought in your head or any feeling in your heart that abortion is not the best decision, I do believe that you should think thoroughly about it and ask people that are close to you for advice [find your nearest confidential unplanned pregnancy help and abortion advice].

I had pregnancy symptoms and I'd taken an HCG test at home

I went to a clinic nearest to where I live and had an ultrasound check. The doctor told me that he could see no sign of a baby inside my uterus but I was sure about my pregnancy because I had noticed a lot of symptoms even in this short period of time and I'd already confirmed it with an HCG test that I took at home.

When I told the doctor about the test I had taken, he agreed to give me the medicine. I was given two sets of pills. The first set containing a single pill and the second set containing four pills. I took both at home.

It is recommended that you have someone by your side during the process but I didn't tell anybody about it so I faced everything alone and it wasn't even that hard.

Answers for my abortion questions

As women, we are left with a lot of burden that we usually face alone and my advice to you is to be strong because it is not as bad as you think. I had Googled up all the questions in my mind so I knew what to expect. But for those of you who didn't, I hope my story helps [more abortion stories].

I didn't feel anything after the 1st pill

When I took the first pill, I was expecting some cramps and some bleeding, because that's what usually happens. But for me, none of it was there. I didn't feel anything at all. I took the other four pills in two days time.

There are different ways to take those pills. I took them bucally, which means that I put all four pills under my tongue and waited for them to dissolve.

4 hrs after the 2nd pills everything happened at once

The pills started to work in less than thirty minutes. There was cramping which was like period cramps but way more intense. But I slept it through and I recommend you do too.

I woke up about 4 hours later and everything started to happen at once.

There was vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, and bleeding. I sat in the toilet as everything was wiped out: tissues and clots of blood.

After a while, the vomiting and diarrhea stopped and the cramps had totally vanished and I felt nothing odd.

Heavy bleeding after abortion pill

There was heavy bleeding a few minutes later and it decreased gradually but it stayed for about two weeks and there were even clots of blood from time to time.

About two days after the abortion, the symptoms of the pregnancy had already gone away.

I know it usually lasts for about a month because the pregnancy hormones don't disappear at once but it wasn't like that for me.

A successful medical abortion

My normal appetite and energy returned very soon. I went to the clinic after two weeks and was told that my abortion was successful.

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