My doctor posed two options which were both 80% effective, but if both were done effectiveness would be 98%

By anonymous on 05/07/2019
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I found out I was pregnant a week before I decided to do a medical abortion. I was 100% certain that this was what I wanted to do. I am in no way ready to be a mother.

I visited my doctor already aware of the process (after doing research). I was calm and relaxed. He examined my stomach and told me that I was around 3 weeks pregnant. He posed two options which would both be 80% accurate, however, he informed me that if both were done the effectiveness would rise to 98%.

I was convinced he just wanted more $$ from me *rolls eyes* but at that moment I was desperate so I agreed to both. The first was an injection in my bum (which I believe was progesterone which would prevent the flow of blood to the fetus). After receiving the injection he gave me 10 pills and instructed me to insert 4 vaginally and swallow 6 during specific time intervals.

I arrived home and inserted the first 2 vaginally. An hour passed & I then inserted the other 2. Still no pain or bleeding.

After 2 hrs I swallowed 2 pills and shortly after the pain started. After 4 hrs I had swallowed the remaining pills & the pain was excruciating. I already had on a pad as I expected heavy bleeding. I fell asleep and was awoken by a sharp pain in my stomach.

After waking I realized that my pad was full. I was afraid to get up & walk to the bathroom but I had to. As I got off the bed blood ran down my legs. There was blood all other the bedspread where I was laying. I quickly ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I immediately felt a gush of blood & heard a loud "ploop". I looked in the toilet and saw multiple clots. I flushed, changed my pad, and went back to bed still experiencing severe abdominal cramps.

By day 2 the bleeding had stopped completely. However, 2 days after the bleeding had started back along with the cramps. The pain is immense and I’m convinced this is what if feels like to give birth. I’m currently typing this while in bed, in pain. I’m hoping by next week the pain ends and the abortion is complete. Pain killers are definitely a MUST HAVE.

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