Too late for a medical abortion at Marie Stopes I had the option of abortion under conscious sedation or general anaesthesia

By Leahloux

Today I underwent a surgical abortion under sedation at 13 weeks. I want to share my story as I was searching the internet before my experience to find useful real life experiences [more stories about surgical abortionabortion at 13 weeks of pregnancy and abortion at Marie Stopes clinics].

I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago and immediately made the decision not to keep the baby due to money issues. I contacted Marie Stopes who gave me a telephone consultation and then a face to face consultation and scan etc.

When the nurse scanned me and told me I was 12+3 weeks I was shocked as I was only expecting to be around 8 weeks but this did not change my decision.

I was too late for the medical abortion with the pills so I was given the option for conscious sedation or general anaesthesia. I chose the conscious and as I never had children before the nurse advised me I’d have to have some tablets to soften my cervix, these take 3 hours to work.

They booked me in a week later to come to the clinic for the procedure.

Upon arrival I met various nurses to take my blood pressure get my consent etc. I was then shown to a waiting area with sun lounger type chairs which was full of girls who had already had the procedure or like me waiting to take the tablets and wait.

It was slightly uncomfortable to see the girls who had already had the procedure as they were coming round from the anaesthetic but still the room had a nice atmosphere despite what was going on.

I was given my tablets and asked to change into a sarong with disposable knickers and some throw away slippers.

They came to check my temperature and blood pressure around 4 times through the 3 hour wait.

I was given the tablets at 20 past 10 and they asked me to empty my bladder and go through to theatre at around 10 past 1.

Walking into the room I was greeted by 2 friendly nurses and the surgeon and anaesthetist.

I laid on the bed and the nurses began putting me into the stirrups and placing pads on my chest. The anaesthetist then began inserting the canula into my arm chatting to me the whole time about what I did for a living etc which put me at ease. He then told me to expect a weird taste and BAM! That was that!

Out like a light. I remember nothing. I woke up on one of the sun lounger chairs with a hot chocolate and a biscuit. I have no memory of anything. Not even being wheeled back through to the recovery area. And I had also been put into another pair of disposable knickers.

I took around 20 minutes to feel back to normal and they then asked me to empty my bladder. After around 45 minutes I got dressed and the nurse checked my bleeding on the pad provided in the knickers and I was walked out with 2 boxes of medication.

Everyone was lovely from start to finish and I did not feel a thing.

Leahloux sent this story in on 24/01/2019

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