I didn't take it seriously, I never thought I could get pregnant that easily, and had an abortion at 5 weeks

By Nina on 25/01/2019
surgical abortion abortion 5 weeks

I had a surgical abortion at 5 weeks. I've been using the pull out method for 4 years now with no slip-ups but on a drunken night, my fiance forgot to pull out on time. He told me I might have a little bit in me but I didn't take it seriously, I never thought I could get pregnant that easily.

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My first thought was to keep the baby

My first decision, of course, was to keep my baby, I always wanted to be a mother but I and my finance spoke about it and came to the tough decision of aborting my baby. I made the decision to get an appointment right away as I couldn't stand the thought of my baby growing inside me and delaying having it done.

At first, I was going to take the pills but after I decided against it due to the many appointments associated with it, I went on to have the surgical abortion.

I had my appointment set up for early Saturday morning I couldn't sleep the whole night, I was so nervous and emotional, I cried all night.

The next morning I woke and texted my fiance to make sure he woke on time. I took a shower and got ready. I made it to the office at 8 am but my appointment wasn't till 9.

I walked into the office with all eyes on me I felt uneasy and uncomfortable. I filled out the paperwork and called my finance up to wait with me. My appointment was delayed and I wasn't seen till 12 pm.

They called my name and I went to the back with a nurse. She asked me a couple of questions and took blood work from me. She told me to get my change of clothes and wait in a waiting room 'till my name was called.

I cried and the doctor immediately asked if I wanted the abortion

Eventually, my name was called. I went into a tiny room with 2 nurses one for support and another to assist the doctor. The doctor came in and I began to cry. Immediately she asked if I was sure I wanted to do this, I nodded yes and they began.

The worst 15 mins of my life

I was given IV medication to help with the pain. I felt dizzy and panicked, I asked the nurse if this was normal and before she could answer I felt the most excruciating pain that I have ever felt in my life. The doctor had to stop a few times because the pain was unbearable and I kept moving.

After the worst 15 mins of my life, one of the nurses ushered me to the recovery room where I sat down and cried my eyes out in disbelief that I actually went ahead and did it.

Once I was released from the recovery room I was given antibiotics in case of an infection and iron pills for my low iron. I was given papers on how to take care of myself after an abortion and a follow-up appointment for 2 weeks after.

I regret rushing into the abortion

Long story short if you decide on having an abortion please wait out all your options. The one regret I have is rushing this whole process.

I'm still suffering and deeply depressed. I envy my fiance at times but am trying to work past my issues with him because he's been good to me and regardless of what happened we both made the mistake and I love him deeply.

I wish you all a speedy recovery and nothing but happiness and health ❤

PS. Don't panic too much about your period not coming, it took 33 days for mine to come on time and it was really heavy bleeding and painful.

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