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Abortion stories mentioning Marie Stopes, an independent healthcare charity providing abortion and healthcare services in the UK.

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2 years later I've stopped eating and drink myself to sleep

I really didn't want to have one, as I have always said I never would and I used to think they were wrong and a selfish thing to do, but I was also really scared that if I kept the baby I would lose ... Read more

My experience of medical abortion at 5 weeks of pregnancy

Hi, I wanted to share my experience. I have a wonderful partner, we have been together for 6 years and have two beautiful children. Our youngest is just over a year old. 10 days ago we discovered ... Read more

My surgical abortion at Marie Stopes Ealing in West London

Yesterday I went to Marie Stopes in Ealing for a surgical termination of my pregnancy. I found out almost 2 weeks ago that I was pregnant. I've been on the contraceptive pill for almost 14 years but ... Read more

I decided on a medical abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic

I intend to share my experience to help those who are anxious or deciding upon their decision. I knew I was pregnant the day after I missed my period - I felt it. I felt extremely tired, I ... Read more

I'm sad about my termination but I'd do the same thing again

I had a termination in 2001, when I was 17. I made the decision freely, without duress from anybody and although the procedure wasn't pleasant I came away from the clinic (run by Marie Stopes) like I ... Read more

I booked a medical abortion at Marie Stopes and that was that

I found out I was pregnant and was over the moon. Needless to say my boyfriend wasn't. After previously having a termination when I was 19, I was certain that if I got pregnant again I would keep ... Read more

Medical termination - my step by step, 100% honest, experience

I want to share my story of medical abortion. When I was considering abortion, the stories of medical termination I could find on the net were anything but reassuring. I wanted a step by step, a ... Read more

4 wks pregnant & happy but unmarried from an Asian family

Hi, I am 29 years of age, with a Malaysian-Indian background currently living in UK. 2 days ago I had a surgical abortion. This was something I did not want to do, but I had to do it. How many want ... Read more

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