I'm 19 and was 6 weeks pregnant when I decided on a medical abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic

By anonymous on 10/05/2010
medical abortion marie stopes abortion 6 weeks

I intend to share my experience to help those who are anxious or deciding upon their decision. I knew I was pregnant the day after I missed my period - I felt it. I felt extremely tired, I was sore and felt sick. I am 19 and was 6 weeks pregnant when I decided to go through with the medical abortion.

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Medical abortion at Marie Stopes

I first went to the Marie Stopes clinic when I was only 4 weeks and the pregnancy wasn't evident on the ultrasound scan. I was told to return in two weeks time.

I was extremely upset that I had to wait two weeks, I wanted the pregnancy over and done with, I wanted it to be a distant memory.

However, the two weeks went reasonably quickly. I had the second ultrasound scan and it was there. I was shortly after escorted to a waiting room downstairs.

After an anxious and what seemed a lifetime of waiting I was called to the consultation room where I was given the first set of tablets.

My blood pressure and heart rate were taken. It was high but that was due to nerves. I swallowed the first tablet and the course of anti-biotic I was given without even thinking about it.

I was given the choice to return in 6 hours or the day after for the final set of pills. I chose to return in six hours.

After the first tablet, I felt anxious and quite sick, however, it wasn't uncomfortable. I felt a few twinges in my uterus but that was about it.

The bleeding was very intense

After taking the second set of tablets I left the clinic and was escorted home by car. (My lovely boyfriend stuck by me throughout it all).

I immediately began to feel period pain like cramps and twinges, I also felt incredibly nauseated.

I left the tablets to dissolve in my mouth for half an hour. They become very chalky but they don't taste of anything in particular.

It got to the point where I was crying in the car from my pains and I was sick in the car. Not very attractive. However, this didn't last very long! about an hour or so. Trust me it's not the worst pain.

When I arrived back home I was worried because I hadn't started to bleed, but the pains had stopped.
I began to bleed about two hours after.

The bleeding was very very intense. It was leaking through the pads, my knickers and my trousers. I did start to worry about the bleeding, I panicked wondering how I could lose so much blood and survive! But I suppose we women adapt to that every month!

I decided to just sit on the toilet until the worst had passed. I can tell you, it is not the most pleasant of situations. I passed handfuls of blood and several clots. The bleeding did begin to decrease once the pregnancy had been lost.

I did cry, and I did feel very emotional, but I do not regret

A day after and the bleeding has decreased, the pains also.

I am expecting to spot for a couple more days and I hope the pregnancy has passed successfully and without infection or complications.

I advise you to ask as many questions as you feel you need to, have somebody there to help you. You will feel sick and nauseated, and having somebody there to help you through it will help the situation.

Take ibuprofen - this is an anti inflammatory and will help with the pain. ( which are just like bad period pains) and just relax.

I do not regret anything about my decision, If you know it is right then it is! every women can decide for themselves. Do not let anybody influence you negatively in anyway. The process is not undermining, it is as natural as it can be. Just think positive and the process will not be as harsh and as brutal as you expect.

Editor's comment

Thank you for telling us about your experience. I am glad you had the support you needed during this process. Everyone has a different experience in terms of pain and how they cope, and the procedure also differs from place to place. Some women have the 2nd stage after 6 hours, others 24 hours and some 2 days. As you say its good to ask questions to find out exactly what the procedure involves. For those who struggle in any way afterwards, there are free post-abortion support services, available at many pregnancy centres, where you can get face to face support and help: click here for post-abortion support in your area.

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