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Abortion stories mentioning Marie Stopes, an independent healthcare charity providing abortion and healthcare services in the UK.

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My 10 weeks surgical abortion without sedation or anaesthetic

There were few experiences of surgical abortion without sedation/anaesthetic I wanted to share my experience of a no sedation/anaesthetic (high BMI) ... Read more

Always very pro-life, I never thought I'd consider an abortion

After reading a lot about this subject (medical abortion stories) on this forum I decided to my ... Read more

I've had a surgical abortion at 8 weeks and medical at 14 weeks

Today I had my medical abortion (I've just got back home) and I just wanted to write so ... Read more

With a strong pain threshold, I thought I'd be able to get home

7-week medical abortion procedure [more experiences of medical abortion and ... Read more

I've never felt such pain: like my uterus was clamping on itself

Medical abortion at 6 weeks [other stories of medical abortion and ... Read more

At 3 wks, as a diabetic, surgical abortion was the only option

I am a 21-year-old type 1 diabetic. I was seeing someone for about a year and we weren't really in a relationship. We were sleeping together quite frequently and had generally been quite careful. ... Read more

My Marie Stopes abortion wasn't the massive shock I expected

I recently found out I was pregnant unexpectedly and unfortunately it was also unplanned. I made the decision to have an abortion straight away as I simply don't believe in having a family just in ... Read more

I had a surgical abortion under sedation at Marie Stopes

On April 22nd, I had a surgical abortion under sedation at Marie Stopes. I only waited till now to share my story because I wanted to take the tests and be sure, which I just did and they were ... Read more

At 13 weeks pregnant the abortion cost was too high for me

I underwent a medical abortion a day ago and I thought I'd share my story and hope it would help someone [read more stories of ... Read more

The waiting was the worst bit, every story increased my anxiety

Don't want to bore you with full story of my reasons for abortion but I found out I was pregnant 2 week after condom split, I booked in maire stopes instantly and got a consultation/ treatment day ... Read more

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