I wanted a surgical abortion but it was triple the cost of the medical abortion

By anonymous on 24/05/2015
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I underwent a medical abortion a day ago and I thought I'd share my story and hope it would help someone [read more stories of medical abortion].

I am 21 and about a month ago I found out I was pregnant.

Nurses and public clinics weren't helpful

Not only was I pregnant but I was already 13 weeks.

Once I found out about how far along I was I searched high and low to find out what my options were, not surprisingly the nurses and the public clinics were not helpful at all and I honestly received more information from the internet than I did from any trained nurse.

I didn't have the money for the procedure

Eventually I was given a number of a retired nurse who could help, she seemed nice but was a bit expensive, at that time I did not have the money to pay for the procedure and was sad to think I'd have to wait 3 more weeks before I could afford the abortion.

As the 3 weeks drew to a close my boyfriend brought up the possibility of us keeping the baby but I knew it was not an option and didn't want to think about it.

I'd be 16-17 weeks pregnant before I could afford the abortion

I read about medical abortion online and most times its recommended it is performed up till 9 weeks by the time I would have the money I would be 16-17 weeks pregnant already and this started to worry me.

At Marie Stopes it was triple the cost

I read about surgical abortion at Marie Stopes and went in to find out how much it would cost, the nurse there was not pleasant either and told me it would cost almost triple the price of the medical abortion offered by the retired nurse and I simply could not afford it.

Maybe these were signs I shouldn't do it

I oftened felt like maybe these were signs that I shouldn't do it, but I just couldn't bare the thought of dissapointment my family would have in my boyfriend and I and I kept to my decision.

Yesterday I went in to get the two pills that would be inserted vaginally and the two that I would have to place under my tongue. The insertion of the pills vaginally was horrible and hurt a lot but was over quick. The nurse sent me on my way home and I have to go in to see her tomorrow.

The drive home was filled with anxiety but having my boyfriend there was a great help and distraction, I threw up on our way to the hotel and started feeling cramps. These weren't so bad and as soon as I got to lay down they subsided.

I was told to drink another tablet after 5 hours and this would bring me closer to expelling the feotus.

I was scared about what would happen

I put on a brave face and took the last pill, honestly I was scared of what was about to happen but tried to be okay in front of my boyfriend. We lay and watched a movie and 20 min into it the pain started it was painful but not unbearable and I knew the time was almost there, I was up and down from the toilet, and so was my boyfriend as he did not want to leave me alone for a moment and constantly repeated how he wished there was a way to help with the pain. This was comforting and helpful.

I pushed and felt something move

Eventually the pain became unbearable and I decided I should try and push this feotus out of me just so I could stop the pain. I pushed and felt something move, so I pushed again and I felt the feotus fall out of me.

Unfortunately there was an umbilical cord still hanging out of me, I was too scared to touch it and my boyfriend had to pull it out, I got off the toilet and my boyfriend tied the bag we had put over the toilet and put it where I could not see it, I was told the placenta would come about 10-20 min later and I went to lay down with little to no pain.

About 20 min later I felt like I needed the toilet again so I went and the placenta came out. I felt very relieved and I knew it was now over. We discarded of the feotus and we both felt at peace with our decision.

We'll never put ourselves in this situation again

We knew from day 1 we could not keep the baby so we did not bond in any way, I can say this has already brought my boyfriend and I closer together. We have definitely learned our lesson and will never put ourselves or an innocent baby in this situation again.

I hope that any1 going through this has as much support as I had through this experience.

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