I'm really sad about it and feel like a horrible person but it's for the best

I'm going to have my second abortion tomorrow, I'm really sad about it. I feel like a horrible person but I know it's for the best.

I lost my job about a month ago at the same time that I found out that I was expecting. I had been with my boyfriend for eight months but as soon as I broke the news he put on his track shoes.

Other experiences of abortion in the US.

He was never ok with it and then he accepted it. He then changed his mind and began torturing me mentally. We'd get along well for a week then he'd flip out saying he doesn't want me or a baby.

He finally moved out and I'm stuck trying to pay bills and come up with the $550 needed for the procedure.

I feel like such an idiot I was in the same situation four years ago with a different guy you would think I'd be smarter by now.

BTW, yes I was on the pill, took it the same time every day.

This story was sent in on 21/05/2015

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