The abortion under sedation went as well as it could but the waiting and worrying was the worse thing

By anonymous on 10/05/2015
surgical abortion marie stopes abortion 6 weeks

Don't want to bore you with full story of my reasons for abortion but I found out I was pregnant 2 week after condom split, I booked in maire stopes instantly and got a consultation/ treatment same day for 10 days time at leeds center.

The waiting is the worse bit, I constantly googles every sonario, every horror story made my angzitity was through the roof, changed my mind of what I wanted. It went from local to genral then chose sedation in end as I didn't want to be totally out of it, just a little and I wanted to come round quite quick.

Dropped my 2 year ols off at her aunties and my husband drove me to the clinic were he came in with me.

Receptionist took us to a very very small waiting room were they was another couple who didnt speak English.

It seems she was getting aggressive with staff cause she was waiting around too long. I got the impression she had somewhere else to be not cause she was scared.

We was 30 minutes eairly so at 11:10 40 minutes after waiting i got called into a very small consultation room. The nurse took medical notes from me, hight wight ect then did a internal scan and dated me 6 week. Evan though I know I was 4 week they have to go by last menstral period.

She seemed almost robotic like she had said the same thing a million times over, it was although she was reading it from a book but in her head, very strangled robotic woman with no concern for me. She discussed what was going to happen then told me to say bye to my husband and wait in another waiting room. I said bye and my husband went off for lunch.

I sat in a bigger waiting room buy this was empty and the radio was really loud giving me head ache, outside the waiting room it was like a ghost town then I heard a nurse shouting at the lady who could speak English telling her to remover her trousers, she asked her 5 times and was getting quite annoyed with her from what I remember.

After 40 min I gt called by the same nurse told to take bottom half off leave in a bucket with my knicker at top with a pad in it and wrap a sheet round me. The nurse came in and took me to operating room and told to sign a concent form and met the lady surgeon who was from another country too she seemed nice then a man who was fron packistan with a strong accent he was the annisative .

The nurse sat me on bed but my legs in surips, she seemed robotic too very strange.

The annisative tryed to get a vein in my hand but missed and I remember the surgeon saying sorry one more bee sting. That didnt hurt much then the man asked if I was alergic to anaesthetic and I remember thinking I hope the ant giving me a genral I asked for sedation. Then he injected me instantly and said your going to feel drunk and I remember putting my hand over my eyes and the next thing I was getting walked by the nurse to a seat.

I felt drunk and had cramps in my back, bad cramps but not intense I kept pulling my legs up and I briefly remember the nurse saying stop flashing your knicker to everyone cover yourself up. I kept my eyes closed still with my hand over my eyes, I kept opening and shutting, had a small cry.

Still felt drunk and after 20 minutes I took a drink of water. A different nurse brought me a cup of tea and I layed their still feeling woosy drinking it, the nurse told me to have a buscuit. I looked around and the lady who didnt speak English was at side of me looking normal, opersit was a woman who was chatting about her job to the nurse she was a promptly developer and look quite posh. The nurses was asking how far away her husband was. After 3 biscuits 2 teas and a cup of water I felt normal again and the back cramps felt at ease.

2 other women who had generals came in and was totally totally out of it and I felt relived I had sedation insted of genral, one girl was nearly sick and I have a sick phobia so quite glad I didn't feel sick. The other girl was chatting so much rubbish the nurses just kept humouring her.

The nurse gave me a pain killer told me to go get dresses. Then as soon as I sat back down she told me to go over and sit at her desk, she gave me 2 antibiotics and some mini pill and told about my 4 antibiotics I have to take that night which got me worried as antibiotics give me upset stomac never mind 4 at once. I aske if I could take them separate but she said bluntly with a attertude NO they won't work.

Then she said were was my husband tell him to come get me, I didn't feel ready to go home I wanted to sit and drink another cup of tea. I felt rushed really rushed, it was only 30 minutes after my op. She told me to go wait in reception. I felt totally totally rushed and felt like it was just a big convaor belt with robotic staff very rushed after. Although I lied the rush bit before hand as I wanted it over with but to be rushed after when I need to sit for abit.

Was dreading the antibiotics so took 2 hours after my tea at 8 got into bed then bout 10 just got hunger pain so had a biscuit and fell asleep till morning which is now.

Has small bit of runs probely due to antibiotics but woke up feeling relived and mild cramps in my back but not had to take pain relief yet. Had mild blood loss, slightly brown colour.

Was told the bleeding could come up to 5 days after but could have none. With me been so eairly on I expect no blood. Scared about having a infection as going on holiday in 3 week. But am sure cause of antibiotics I won't, eraser hong how to cream myself now.

All in all the waiting and worrying and searching the Internet is the worse thing. The procedure under sedation was as well as it could be.

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