I assumed my medical abortion would be like a heavy period but unfortunately it was much worse

By anonymous on 09/05/2015
medical abortion abortion 7 weeks

I had a medical termination 2 days ago, at 7 weeks pregnant.

I was extremely nervous and worried, my boyfriend wanted me to keep the baby so going ahead was very difficult to do for both of us, but I knew it was the right decision for me.

I went to the clinic and had the first pill after my consultation, which was fine. I had no side affects until very late that night where I started feeling a pulling sensation and a little bleeding.

By the next morning, this had got worse and we made our way back to the clinic for the second part of the treatment.

I got to the clinic and inserted 4 tablets vaginally myself. The nurses were very supportive and explained everything that would happen next. I was given antibiotics and anti-sickness tablets and told to rush home as things would start to happen quickly.

Roughly ten minutes later I started feeling period-like pains, which just progressively got worse and worse very quickly.

Once I was home, I changed into comfier clothes and immediately was sick. I hadn't ingested anything other than the medication the nurse had given me so that was all that came up.

Within an hour I was in serious pain, and as I usually have very heavy periods I assumed that's what this would be like, but unfortunately it was much worse.

Within an hour and a half I passed what I think was the baby. This was the worst moment for me as it made everything so real and upsetting so I just sat there and cried. I thought this would be the worst of it over and the pain instantly got better, but this didn't last very long.

After this, the rest of the day I was passing large, heavy clots and was just exhausted. I didn't take any pain relief as I did not feel it was completely unbearable, and also I felt as though I should have to feel this pain as it was my decision to go ahead with this.

The day after I was still bleeding very heavily, but the pain was just that of a normal period so was a lot easier. The best thing I can say is to use a hot water bottle, this helped with the cramps and pain so much the whole way through.

Today, I assumed I would be feeling even better, but unfortunately it seems to have gotten worse again and I'm passing more clots. I'm just hoping it will get better within the next couple of days or so.

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