After going through horrific abortion stories I thought I'd tell you about mine

I'm writing this to put a few minds at ease. After going through horrific abortion stories I thought I should tell you my version of events.

It all started when I missed my period, at first I wasn't really worried because my period would come late. After a week that's when I started stressing out and went for a sonar which confirmed that I was 5 weeks pregnant.

I then gave myself a week to think about what I wanted to do. I spoke to my partner and we both decided that we weren't ready for a child so 2 weeks later I went to an abortion clinic where I was given pills to take at the clinic, and some to take at home the following day, then I was sent back home.

24 hours later I inserted 2 of the 2nd pills vaginally and took 2 orally. I took the pills around 8 am. I was told the pills would start working within 2 hours.

At 10 am I started getting minor cramps and had brown discharge coming out. I decided to stay in bed at the time.

An hour later the cramps started getting worse but they were not as bad as other women said it would be.  They were bearable and I didn't even need painkillers.

At 1 pm I drank a cup of strong black tea and a few minutes later I started bleeding and then once the blood came out the pains vanished. At around 14:30 pm I went to the toilet and I felt semi large clots come out, 30 minutes later went back to the loo and more clots came out... after that, I just bled.

It felt more like my normal period with small clots coming out. I did not bleed like I was about to die, I did not have cramps as if my womb was being ripped out.

It was not a traumatic experience but it's not something I would do again.

This story was sent in on 04/05/2015

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