A full sexual health screening showed everything was fine but I was pregnant

By Taylor K on 04/05/2015
medical abortion abortion 9 weeks

It was a Thursday night out with one of my friends, we went to a few clubs like we do from time to time. The night was getting late but as per usual we wanted to carry on partying so we qued up for another club that would end at 7am but by the time we'd got there we discovered that it was too late and they weren't letting in any more clubbers.

Earlier that night we met a guy who we'd occasionally see on a night out, he had never given us any greif and seemed friendly enough so we talked for a while. After being refused entry to the last club we were both very drunk and fairly out of it but still able to communicate.

We saw the guy from earlier again who was now with two other guys but we weren't too bothered by it. Guy 1 was the one who I had met a few times before. Guy 2 was odd but it didn't occur to me because of my drugged up state, as was Guy 3.

Guy 2 told me he wanted to “talk to me” round the corner (away from my friend and the two other guys). Stupidly I agreed and he then went on to sexually assault me but this didn't go too far as I called out for my friend and she pulled me away.

I tried to keep my distance from Guy 2 and stay with my friend and Guy 1 (G1). As I had met G1 several times I assumed it was fine that I talk to him where my friend could see but far enough that she didn't know what we were talking about; she was busy talking to G2 and 3.

G1 offered me MDMA and I didn't refuse, he then proceeded to make sexual advances and by this point I was unable to talk or fully aware of what was happening as the drugs kicked in. He then had sex with me and walked off.

I became more aware of what had happened and again urged for my friend to take me away from the area and to go home.

The next day I planned on getting a full sexual health screening as I had had unprotected sex but was feeling too unwell so I stupidly hoped for the best and didn't go.

Roughly 3 weeks later I started to develop unpleasant symptoms in my vagina but I was pretty sure that it was not an STI as I had not had sex since and the symptoms had only just appeared. As the symptoms had been so painful and lingering for over a week I plucked up the courage and went to the clinic.

They carried out a full sexual health screening, vaginal examination and a pregnancy test, thank god everything was fine other than thrush and a bacterial infection caused by my immune system.

The one thing I couldn't escape from was my positive pregnancy test. As I was under 9 weeks pregnant I had a lot of options and decided to go for the medical abortion pill without anyone's knowledge. I was very sceptical at first but I'm now glad that it is over with and I've learnt from my mistake as well as his.

I would say to anyone else in a similar situation that you should always do what's best for you and don't let anyone force you into anything, especially as an adult.

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