I had a Marie Stopes surgical abortion at 18-years-old after an illegal medical abortion at 14-years-old

By anonymous on 30/05/2015
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On April 22nd, I had a surgical abortion under sedation at Marie Stopes. I only waited till now to share my story because I wanted to take the tests and be sure, which I just did and they were both negative.

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Part of me wanted a baby

I knew I was pregnant right from the start. Unfortunately I was not well informed about the morning after pill and honestly a part of me wanted a baby. I absolutely adore babies and I always dreamt of having one.

I was taken advantage of when I was 14

When I was 14, I was taken advantage of and I found out I was pregnant about 3 months into the pregnancy [experiences of abortion at 3 months pregnancy].

My sister advised me to get an abortion and because it was in Africa we had to do it illegally, so I went through a medical abortion which was the worst pain I have ever experienced at that time.

The pain was excruciating

Maybe it was because I was only 14 and was 12 weeks pregnant. I went into 12 hours of what I actually call labour, the pain was excruciating but it all ended and I moved on.

So you can imagine how stupid I must've been to get pregnant again four years later.

Pregnant again four years later, I was sure I would keep the baby

At the start I was sure that I was gonna keep the baby no matter what but as the days went by I weighed up my options and decided it was better for me to terminate it. I am at college and I hope to attend uni and I was finally getting along with my parents so it just was not the right time.

My local Brooks centre referred me to Marie Stopes

After deciding that I wanted an abortion i visited my local Brooks center, went through the medical procedures and my medical history. Then I was referred to Marie Stopes with whom I made a phone appointment for four days later.

On the day of the phone appointment they explained the two types of abortion procedures and I chose medical because I had experienced it before so I thought I could handle it.

I did more research and surgical seemed the fastest

However after an appointment for my treatment had been set I did more research into both procedures and surgical seemed to be the fastest method, so I called back and rescheduled another appointment for a week later to get the surgical abortion treatment.

The days before the treatment day were terrifying

The days leading up to the treatment day were terrifying. I was nervous because it was invasive and I just kept imagining all the things that could go wrong.

On the day I went in for my treatment with the guy responsible, we were not in a relationship and all I needed him there for was to take me back home.

I had a fibroid in my womb

I first went in to a nurse who did an ultrasound and stated that I had a fibroid in my womb, which made me more nervous but she assured me that it was not big enough to affect the procedure. After the ultrasound I went back to the waiting area where I waited for about 3 hours to be called in. I hadn't eaten or drunk anything that day.

When called in for my treatment I went in to an area where I changed into the surgery outfit and I stepped into the room with a heavy heart. The doctors were introduced to me and I laid on that bed.

I felt a sour taste in my mouth and blacked out

The minute the anaestheist took out the needle (I chose to be sedated) I started sobbing, yes I have a fear of needles. But it went in so gently I hardly noticed and I had a nurse holding my hand reassuring me that I will be fine.

Seconds after the injection I felt a sour taste in my mouth and I blacked out. Not completely though. I went into a dream like state. I couldn't feel any pain but at some point I heard them saying that I was smiling. I still can't remember what it was that made me smile but I did in that situation.

After the procedure whilst still sedated I started talking and talking just pouring out my feelings. It was ridiculous. I was taken down to the recovery area where I was given juice and some buiscuit.

I felt minimal pain for just an hour after the treatment

After the sedation left my system I changed and was given my after care. I felt minimal pain for just an hour after the treatment, the pain was more uncomfortable than painful so I could handle it.

After that I haven't felt anything at all. I bled for about a week, just light bleeding and I am doing fine. 

Editor's comment

Thank you for sharing your experience of these two methods of abortion. I hope you are recovering well.

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