I thought I'd be able to get home after my 7 week medical abortion at Marie Stopes

By anonymous on 22/07/2015
medical abortion marie stopes abortion 7 weeks

7-week medical abortion procedure [more experiences of medical abortion and abortion at 7 weeks of pregnancy].

I first noticed the symptoms of pregnancy about 3 weeks into it. At this point, I was still unaware I was pregnant. I had just come back from holiday and also handed in my final assignment for the year so to celebrate I went out for drinks with my friends, I decided not to drink too much that night so I had 2 glasses of wine and a shot or two of vodka. I'm a student so that is very light compared to a normal night out.

Not 4 hours after drinking I felt extremely nauseous and vomited. I thought my tolerance had decreased and it was just a bad reaction or something as I hadn't drunk in a few months, however, the nauseous feeling continued every morning and throughout the days. I had lost my appetite and couldn't eat more than dry salty snacks and apples.

This continued and then I noticed my period was late which it rarely ever is. I decided to google my symptoms and once I made the link to pregnancy I took two tests and both were positive.

My boyfriend and I talked about the possibility of me getting pregnant and I told him I would get a termination as I'm 19, and an architecture student with 6 more years of training and not financially stable, he agreed also as he is only 24 and concentrating on his career.

Once I told him he was irritated at first but became supportive. The night I took the final test I called Marie Stopes as they have a 24-hour phone service.

After answering a few questions my pregnancy was calculated at 5 weeks. The earliest appointment they could give me in my local area was for 2 weeks time but I wanted the procedure as soon as possible so they gave me an appointment for a weeks time for a centre an hour away from my home. That was a very silly decision on my part, I'd later find out.

The week leading up to the procedure I became very nervous, I do want to become a mother especially with my boyfriend and it made me very emotional that it had to happen at this point, but I knew it was the best decision to make in the long run.

I took the option to have a medical termination as it was so early in the pregnancy. This consists of two pills taken on separate days.

When I went in for my first pill they tested my blood type and checked me for HIV and other STI's, once they came up clear the nurses took my blood pressure, asked me a few more question, and took an ultrasound (which they don't let you see). I was told I was around 7 weeks.

I was talked through the procedure and the steps after the termination, I signed some papers and then I was given the first pill. I was nervous but then felt relieved once I took it.

I felt fine on my journey home and that night, I still felt pregnancy nausea and couldn't eat.

30 hours after the first pill I started bleeding but it was a lot heavier than I expected as I was passing very large chunks of my lining. The next day I went back to the centre for my 2nd pill which you don't swallow but keep between lips and gum.

I stayed a little longer than advised as I was waiting for a doctor to prescribe me contraception (which was a pointless wait as they had gone home) and as I left I felt a little nauseous but I thought I could make the train journey home (I'd advise anyone to get a cab or someone to pick them up).

I thought I had a strong pain threshold and would be able to get home, however, I almost fainted at Victoria and needed staff to help me. The cramping was so bad and I've never felt that light-headed before. I didn't tell them what was wrong as they were going to call me an ambulance but instead asked for help to get a cab, which is near impossible around rush hour in central London.

After about an hour and a few Ibuprofens, I was back to normal.

That night I passed a lot of chunks, the weirdest one looked like a sack I wasn't sure if that was the placenta or the embryo (not that educated on these things).

The bleeding continued heavy for 4 days and very light for 2 days. I expected 3 weeks of bleeding due to stories I have read but only experienced just under a week of bleeding.

It's been a week since I took the first pill and I'm still getting pain/cramps not sure if this is due to my uterus changing to a smaller size or if it's an infection as I took the antibiotics more than 24hours after final pill as I was experiencing nausea and diarrhoea for a day.

I feel a lot better than I did when I was pregnant, I'm not sick and I'm able to enjoy my summer, continue my education, grow myself more, stabilise my relationship with my boyfriend and I've also gotten my appetite back.

It was the best decision for me to make considering my circumstances. I'm now on the pill and I hope my next pregnancy will happen at a better point in my life where I am stable and able to provide a good home.

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