Although only 3 weeks, I could only have a surgical abortion due to my medical history

By anonymous on 01/07/2015
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I am a 21-year-old type 1 diabetic. I was seeing someone for about a year and we weren't really in a relationship. We were sleeping together quite frequently and had generally been quite careful. I never had unprotected sex until a long while into our situation. We were quite stupid in that we started practising the withdrawal (pull out) method which, to be honest, worked for us for the 6 months we used it.

At first, I didn't know I was pregnant, it didn't cross my mind that I could be. I had what I believed to be pre-menstrual symptoms. They continued for two weeks with no bleeding which was weird for me because my cycle ran like clockwork.

I shared my concern with him and he suggested I take a pregnancy test or two and bought me two. As soon as he mentioned that, I instantly knew I was pregnant. The tests were positive and showed that I was three weeks pregnant. I wasn't shocked.

I called Marie Stopes before letting him know. I was given an appointment. The weeks leading up the appointment were quite stressful because as a diabetic with other medical issues they had to ensure I was healthy enough to undergo the procedure. Although I was only 3 weeks at the time, I was told I could only have a surgical abortion due to my medical history.

On the day of my appointment, I was really anxious. Despite the coldness of the receptionist, everyone else at Marie Stopes was lovely. The nurse who was in the theatre attempting to distract me was the best, encouraging me to squeeze her hand and asking me about my degree and final year. When I struggled to speak she reassured me and was nearly a mother in the room.

As someone who frequently had medical crisis' with moderate to severe pain, I must say that it was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. It was unusual, to begin with, but suddenly became very painful. I would advise some sort of sedation.

I recovered quickly with the help of painkillers and heat packs although still have moderate cramping. I am yet to bleed.

At no point did I feel emotional pain towards "losing" the baby because I knew that it would be a terrible decision to have the baby. I did struggle with the physical pain but it was over quickly and I am happy I opted for no sedation as I was able to leave less than half an hour later.

I pray to never have to go through this again, I never wanted to experience an abortion and will not be having another. Marie Stopes was fantastic.

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