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I never thought I'd get pregnant so easily: abortion at 5 weeks A surgical abortion under sedation at 13 weeks at Marie Stopes My boyfriend thinks it'd be best to abort but I'm terrified I was bleeding for a week and a half after my surgical abortion Not many share the experience of an abortion that goes well I was told to expect the same as the online horror stories I wasn't told what would happen or how I'd feel after abortion Medical abortion while having extreme morning sickness I decided on a medical abortion at the Glasgow Sandyford Positive 2019 medical abortion story with BPAS Leicester My abortion at 5 wks was nothing like I've read on here Dated at 15 weeks my only option was a late medical abortion Failed Medical Abortion - successful on the second attempt From Northern Ireland to England for an abortion at 6 weeks If this helps your choice of procedure, it was worth me sharing I always knew I'd never have an abortion - but then I did I'm now off antibiotics but my bleeding has gotten much heavier I'm 41 and pregnant but there's too much going on An unwanted abortion due to the removal of my gall bladder My experience wasn't simple, it didn't go as it should've done He told "the world", now I'm afraid to have this abortion Facing abortion due to chromosomal abnormality at 21 weeks Aborting again 10 years later is the worse feeling in the world But now I think, why? Why didn't I think about all my options? Abortion-related deaths were so frequent in the news in Ghana

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