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I had an abortion as I was worried about what people would say Read story The decision to have an abortion was easier than I thought Read story I had an abortion 7 months ago and I am pregnant again Read story Medical abortion at 6 weeks 1 day seemed a more natural way Read story I lost a relationship, a family, and a partner all at once Read story Everyone sugar-coated the abortion experience, here's the truth Read story My experience and the doctor that did the procedure was awful Read story They laid me down and began the procedure: I was wide awake Read story My period was late and I started to feel weird movements Read story For 3 months, I knew I was pregnant, but I was looking for hope Read story I'm 35, married with kids and had a medical abortion 2 wks ago Read story I was already 12 weeks so the Dr said not to mention it Read story My surgical abortion at 16 wks 5 days: the worst day of my life Read story I'd never considered being a mother but was 17 and pregnant Read story When I first found out I couldn't have been happier Read story I should have stood up for my baby because he/she couldn't Read story In Ireland, I couldn't get an abortion, so I travelled to England Read story I never believed in abortion but was facing it for the 2nd time Read story Opening up is not easy, and I hope this message helps others Read story My no. 1 piece of advice to anyone: never pass on quality Read story I was taking blood thinners so couldn't have a medical abortion Read story There were so many things keeping us from starting a family Read story Late medical abortion due to medical complications at 21 weeks Read story At the time, I thought I was doing what was best for everyone Read story Now I'm battling PASS which is post-abortion stress syndrome Read story

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