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Abortion-related deaths were so frequent in the news in Ghana I didn't ask enough questions; I wasn't prepared for the abortion Looking into abortion I found many women have no regrets I didn't follow the nurse's advice regarding pain relief What infuriates me is that I told that doctor to stop and he didn't After the abortion, I realized what happened and felt miserable My positive story of medical abortion at 9 weeks of pregnancy The fetus was genetically deformed as I had a molar pregnancy In my mind, I wasn't murdering one tiny innocent child, but two Things changed, I changed, I didn't feel like myself anymore I can't help but feel I'm doing this for everyone else I had an abortion a year ago and still find it hard to talk about I'm having a 2nd abortion tomorrow, I feel like a horrible person I regret my abortion six years ago at the age of 17 I was not emotionally prepared for the visual: don't look Termination under local anaesthetic at 10 weeks and 4 days It's the greatest sacrifice a woman can ever make The test was negative but I knew something wasn't right My positive surgical abortion experience in New Zealand I'm not sugar coating it; it's scary and awful, but so worth it It was something I'd been afraid of since I was in middle school My surgical abortion with sedation at Marie Stopes, Leeds I assumed it'd be like a heavy period but it was much worse A simple run down of events during a 5 weeks medical abortion I dread this day so much - 3 years ago I had a surgical abortion

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