Every story scared me but my experience of medical abortion was so different

By anonymous on 13/03/2019
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I had my medical abortion yesterday and it was not at all what I expected. I found out I was pregnant when I was 5 weeks in. I was 8 weeks when I got the appointment for an abortion. It was a bit of a wait and I was continuously looking online for what to expect.

Every single story I came across scared me as they all said they experienced heavy bleeding and cramping. One said the pain was like she was dying so I was so nervous on the morning of my appointment, but to my surprise, my experience was so different from every story.

My experience was so different

I arrived for my appointment at 8.55, I was 10 mins late due to traffic in the area and the receptionist was not welcoming at all so my experience started off pretty bad. Anyway, she handed me a folder with my details in and gave me a wristband then told me to sit in the waiting room at the top of the stairs.


After about a minute I was called into the room. I had already had a consultation on the phone, so they had the main details from me already.

The nurse I saw was lovely and made me feel more at ease. She asked me a few basic questions and made sure it was what I definitely wanted to do. She then checked my blood by putting a small needle in my finger and also checked my iron levels from this. She then checked my blood pressure. All results were fine to carry on with treatment.

The first pill - mifepristone

I then took an anti-nausea tablet, some antibiotics and the first pill- mifepristone- which starts the process.

The second pills - misoprostol

Inserting the tablets vaginally

About 10 minutes later (9.40) I took the second set of pills- misoprostol- which causes the body to expel the pregnancy from the womb. I had to insert these 4 tablets vaginally. The nurse told me how to do it, gave me gloves and a small sachet of lube and the tablets. I had to go behind the curtain and do this on my own which I preferred anyway.

I was scared about this part beforehand and wanted to take these tablets by swallowing them but I would have had to wait days then and just wanted it over as soon as possible. Trust me it was not bad at all.

It was over with pretty fast

I took pain killers (2 paracetamol) just after inserting the tablets and the nurse sent me on my way. So it was all over with pretty fast which is what I wanted. So my boyfriend took me home.

I was hungry on the way back so we went to Greggs as I hadn't eaten yet as I was too nervous to eat before the appointment.

I got back home at about 10.45, at this point nothing had changed at all.

Slight pain

About 11.30 I had some slight pain but nothing major at all it was just like very mild period pain, this was on and off for an hour.

I was taking 2 panadol every 4 hours, I definitely think this was one of the reasons I felt hardly any pain at all through the whole process.


At 12.45 I started bleeding but not too heavy at this point.

It wasn't until 3 pm that the bleeding got heavy, but it wasn't majorly heavy and it mainly came out when I went to the toilet.

Then at 530 I needed the toilet and as I did some blood came out and biggish clots, I felt them come out but no pain. I didn't look in the toilet but wouldn't have seen anything due to the blood anyway. I had to change my pad every hour and these were quite thick pads, did this for about 3 hours.

At 1830 another big clot came out and a few small ones. Again I didn't look but felt it happen, no pain at all though. Then that was it, bleeding calmed right down after this. It was like a medium-heavy period.

The next day

I took pain killers just before I went to sleep at about 11 pm and had a brilliant sleep. I woke up at 9 am feeling perfectly fine. Bleeding was just like being on a normal period and had no pain at all.

Had to take antibiotics in the morning which the nurse gave me at the appointment just to prevent any infections. I also took 2 panadol just in case but only took the 2 today and to be honest I doubt I even needed them.

I feel back to normal in my self and feel like I definitely over prepared and over worried. The nurse also gave me a pregnancy test to take in 3 weeks just to make sure it has all been successful.

My boyfriend was brilliant, throughout this he stayed with me the whole day, it is best to have someone with you just to keep you company.

I didn't come across one good experience

I hope this story has reassured some of you. I can't believe how scared I was and constantly waited for immense pain to start but it never happened.

I didn't come across one good experience so I hope you reading this will realise its not always bad. I understand everyone is different and it won't be the same for everyone. But you can do it, stay strong and from when it starts to when it finishes will fly by. And just think, the day after you will be fine and it will all be over.

I am so relieved now I have not one bit of regret. I wasn't ready. People can judge us for this choice. But it's our choice, our life. We live it how we want, we know what's best at that time. People always judge anyway even the slightest thing so don't listen to anyone.

I will make sure this does not happen again though until I am fully ready to change my life. Good luck, you will be fine and you can do it, don't worry at all, it's never as bad as you think!

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