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I still have no idea if the medical abortion worked or not A full hysterectomy with baby in womb after 2 failed abortions I’ve never known this to happen after only the first tablet I documented the experience - it's not AT ALL what I expected I just wanted to share a positive medical termination story Last year in May I aborted twins and regret it He wants me to have an abortion I read many abortion stories and expected a blood bath I was an international student in the UK in need of an abortion We're devastated. My baby has an abnormality & I have to abort Years later I still regret my decision and wonder about that child I'm 19, Nigerian, a Muslim and have had 5 abortions since 2011 I'm going through a medical abortion alone and it's killing me Hyperemesis gravidarum made me want to have an abortion From religious backgrounds, it wouldn't sit well with our parents I was 17 years old and my period was one week late I look back on the day of my abortion with relief and gratefulnes To this day, I still don't know why I made the decision that I did My 10 weeks surgical abortion without sedation or anaesthetic The doctor did an ultrasound but she couldn't find anything I'll never forget my late term-medical termination at 17 weeks I called Kensington Clinic in Calgary to arrange for an abortion Always very pro-life, I never thought I'd consider an abortion Why's everything failing? First the morning after pill, now this! At 18 weeks, I already feel like it knows my plans to terminate

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