My medical abortion was more natural than a previous surgical abortion

By Nicole on 22/02/2019
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I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. I first decided to go with the surgical abortion as I had it before. The nurse questioned why I wouldn’t want the medical... I was nervous my anxiety about the unknown would be too extreme.

After talking it out with my partner and friend I changed my mind. I called the clinic and asked to change to medical abortion and they said to come in ASAP.

I came in and they took my blood. I was now 5 weeks 4 days. I took the first pill on Wednesday morning.

I took gravel 30 minutes before the first pill because you can’t throw it up. No side effects except a little bit of blood.

I had a couple of days off work which I would suggest while doing the abortion.

Friday afternoon (at 6 weeks) I took 2 Advil’s so my side effects weren’t bad. I inserted the 4 pills vaginally (fewer side effects vaginally) and laid down for 30 minutes.

After an hour I got up to go pee, no blood was in my pad but as I went pee I felt the pills coming out. I looked in the toilet and it was the sac... I had intense cramps that lasted 30 minutes and then moderate period cramps that lasted 4 hours. A heating pad and T3s really helped.

Bleeding lasted about 5 days after. I am sooo happy I changed my mind and got a medical abortion. It is so much more natural. The surgical was very very traumatic.

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