I have a high pain threshold but was mentally and physically unprepared for abortion

By anonymous on 11/02/2019
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Mentally and physically unprepared

I am sharing my experience of abortion not to influence choices but to make sure no women go into it mentally and physically unprepared like I was. I was 8 weeks when I had my abortion. I found out at 5 weeks and had to wait for the closest appointment which took me to 8.

I was told by nurses that it would just be slightly more painful than a period and last a few hours. That I might have nausea but not to worry as they gave me something for that. So I went home expecting some cramps, some pain to be managed with standard pain killers and some period like (maybe slightly heavier) bleeding.

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My pain threshold is high but these cramps were severe

I was totally unprepared when the cramps began. My pain threshold is high but these cramps were so severe I was frozen into place. And every time I cramped I vomited from the pain.

I could not get up alone or use the bathroom alone. Bleeding soaked through a pad every 20 mins with fairly large clots. It hurt and I cried a lot but this I could somewhat cope with.

After 6 hours I felt the urge to push

After what was about 6 hours I felt pressure and the urge to squeeze or push something out. I got to the bathroom and did what I felt. I then felt something kind of hanging out but not out yet so I put my hand there.

I caught in my hand the sac with my baby there in my hand. I was traumatised and grief-stricken for over a year purely because I was not prepared and the potential of what it could be was downplayed. I hope no one else goes in not knowing what it could be.

It's not like this for everyone

It is not like this for everyone. But be prepared for the worst and please as hard as it is... don’t look - spare yourself the heartbreak. It does not make you a coward. You made a brave decision and you are strong.

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