Don't overly worry - apparently the earlier you are, the longer it can take

By anonymous on 03/04/2019
medical abortion abortion 5 weeks

Medical abortion (5 weeks) that took 48 hours! I wanted to share my story with you as for the last 2 days I have been sitting in a panic thinking my medical abortion had failed [failed medical abortion stories].

On Saturday afternoon I took the first oral tablet, went home, feeling absolutely fine. On Sunday evening I began to spot bleed but it was nothing major.

On Monday at 8 am I took 4 tablets vaginally. After around 30 mins I started to get cold sweats and started to shake. Around 2 hours after taking the tablets I began to get bad Diarrhoea and a bit of nausea but very very little spotting.

After the 4 hour mark, I took the 2 other tablets orally (same as the ones I inserted vaginally, now 6 in total), same symptoms as before but very little bleeding. I went to sleep that night feeling worried it hadn’t worked.

I called the nurses and they seemed unbothered by it. They told me to hold off until Friday and "see what happened". I was terrified. I have a 3-year-old girl and had to work this along with working, etc around her. I was panicking that if I left the house it could happen at any time.

On waking up Tuesday I felt nothing. No pain, no bleeding, nothing. I was on my feet all day Tuesday trying to keep things moving. I went to sleep Tuesday evening and was awake on and off with slight shooting pains but not enough to wake me completely.

Wednesday morning around 8 am I woke up, went to the toilet and I was heavily bleeding. More than a period but nothing alarming. I passed the sac shortly after. I feel a little light headed but overall relieved that it’s over.

As harsh as that sounds I'm sharing my story so that anyone in my position isn’t overly worried. I was only 5 weeks and apparently the earlier on you are the longer it can take.

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